Wednesday, August 3rd

In their new office, Billy’s not interested in Cane’s marketing ideas for Brash n Sassy – he’s more focused on being named to Jack and Neil’s foundation at today’s meeting. When did you start caring about charity? Cane wonders.

In his office, Jack tells a busy Phyllis that she doesn’t want to be late for the meeting – we’re voting on a new board member. When Nick arrives, Jack leaves him to ask if Phyllis is ready to be a grandma again.

Over at NE, Luca and Summer fret about being pregnant – even though both used protection. It’s not stress, Summer decides they need to deal with this. But it looks like Luca wants to run and never look back.

Neil appreciates Lily letting the foundation use her office for their board meeting. She gets an alert on her phone from GC Buzz. Uh oh – this does not look good.

Downstairs, Lois and other reporters descend upon Devon and Hilary – why haven’t you offered these poor people a settlement? Don’t you want to do what’s right??

Hilary’s scornful with the press – she and her husband made no promises. ‘Trials’ sometimes work, sometimes they don’t. We didn’t falsify records either – that was’rogue employee Simon Neville. Ashley appears to say that’s not the whole story.

Billy’s not spreading himself too thin, he’s multitasking. Cane still wonders what got him so distracted that he dropped the ball on BnS. Jack arrives to ensure that Billy will be at the board meeting. Billy glares at Cane – nothing or nobody will get in the way of that.

Phyllis and Nick are both freaking out that Summer might be pregnant by that sleazeball. This is NOT good. So much for killing him with kindness, we should have just killed him. Maybe they should have taken a page from Victor’s book of meddling.

Luca loves Summer ~hug~ That’s just what she wanted to hear. Now, together, they’ll go buy a pregnancy test.

Phyllis is finishing up some work and will see them later at the meeting. When they disagree over Brash n Sassy, Cane threatens to tattle to Mom. Go ahead – call her – and ask about the deal Jill made Billy on the side (the one that leaves Cane in the dark)

Now informed on the lawsuit, Lily rants and raves to a surprisingly unconcerned Neil about Devon being stuck in a marriage with that gold digging bitch.

In between the Hamiltons, Ashley tells the press that the situation is too complex to place all the blame on Dr Neville. He saved my life, and yours too, right Hilary? If the Dr isn’t to blame, then it’s back to you too, Lois persists. Devon has no comment – except to remind that the club doesn’t allow it’s guests to be accosted by the press. Now leave! Ashley and the Hamiltons step aside to blame hiss loudly at one another. Ashley warns Devon to find a way to reign in the woman he loves. Hilary’s thanks to Devon are interrupted when he snaps that he’s calling his lawyer to make sure she hasn’t made things worse.

Luca wishes Summer good luck – does she want the test to be negative or positive? Not even sure, Summer heads upstairs with the test.

It’s decided that Phyllis is less likely than Nick to fly off the handle – she’ll to talk to Summer. Both are glad they put their daughter first.

Waiting, Luca flashes back over his short history with Summer (who comes down looking freaked out)