Thursday, August 4th

My heir apparent stepped in today. Thanks Riley!!

Phyllis scrambles into the board meeting apologizing and frantically taking her seat. She spins her chair around, and locks eyes with Billy, who is seated directly across from her. In disgust, she asks him what the hell he’s doing there. Jack informs her that Billy is the new member. Billy asks her if there’s a problem and she says who better than Billy to join the board since its mission is to help addicts who make poor choices and engage in reckless behavior.

Dylan, Sharon, Mariah and Faith gather outside their tents, infront of a camp fire. Dylan is thrilled that Sully went to sleep without a fuss, and believes Sully loving camping is something he takes from Dylan. Faith is cheerful, excited to go hiking tomorrow, however Mariah notices Sharon repeatedly scratching her arm and says they may not be able to hike if Sharon’s arm falls off. Sharon rolls up her (pink, anti-camping friendly) jacket to reveal a deep, purple mark on her arm. Dylan holds his hands up towards his face, telling her that’s not just a minor case of poison ivy, and that she needs to get to the doctor immediately. A disappointed Faith tells Dylan that they can’t leave just yet, and Sharon tries to minimize her condition. However, Dylan doesn’t want her to be in pain.

Cane continues to push his marketing strategy onto Jill. Jill asks Cane if he’s afraid of the competition (between him and Billy to become sole C.E.O.) He simply laughs it off and Jill reassures him that she will be sure to look over his plan.

Jill walks over to Victoria and is thrilled to go over the details of her plan for Victoria. She offers Victoria a seat, but Victoria declines, telling Jill what she has to say won’t take long.

Mariah suggests that Dylan and Sharon go back into town to get medication for Sharon’s poison ivy, while her and Faith stay at the campsite. Dylan and Sharon are both against it, arguing that they can all go camping again another time. Mariah says its impossible to find time between Faith going back to school, Chelsea’s line dropping and Dylan fighting crime. Dylan is convinced, but Sharon is still unsure. Mariah and Faith build their case and eventually, Sharon changes her mind.

Abby surprises Ben with dinner at the hospital. To Ben’s luck, Abby admits that she didn’t cook it herself. She tells Ben that she also booked a lake house for Labor Day weekend. Abby is pleased when he likes the idea and suggests that Max should join them, but Ben thinks they should hold off on including him.

Victoria and Jill finally sit down and she explains to Jill how hard she’s worked at Newman. Jill scoffs and reminds her that her reward was a won way ticket out of town. Victoria says if she were to leave Newman, it’d be as though she were giving up – and to add it would be exactly what her father wants. In addition, she says she can’t work with Billy, her ex.

Ashley, another member of the board, interupts Phyllis and Billy’s dispute and asks to return to their discussion prior to Phyllis’ arrival. The meeting quickly becomes an attack on Hilary, who thinks she should M.C the foundations next event. Lily, clearly frustrated with Hilary, orders a motion to remove Hilary from the board completely. Phyllis raises an eyebrow in content, and Billy looks at her confused.