Friday, August 5th

Mariah finds Kevin hyperventilating after a run to clear his head – he’s in crisis mode. Natalie didn’t take well to being friend-zoned. Kevin wants to get back with Chloe – and needs Mariah’s help to make that happen.

Off to see Adam, Chelsea thanks Chloe for visiting him. She’s glad she went – hopefully, Adam really heard her (about forgiveness) As the elevator doors close on Chelsea, Victor appears in the hallway.

Admiring her engagement ring, Summer can’t be tempted to take the day off (by a bare-chested Luca) Her Dad might be out of town but her Mom needs to be told the news.

Jill’s at Jabot ranting and raving at Phyllis (she’s not happy that Billy’s been voted onto the foundation board) I’m done with Billy, trust me, Phyllis assures. Like Jack trusts you? Jill wants Phyllis to stay completely away from Billy. Phyllis thinks that might make Jack suspicious. That’s not Jill’s problem.

Awakening with her head in Billy’s lap (in his new office) a hungover Vikki hopes she didn’t say anything embarrassing last night. She’s sorry she stopped by last night. Billy’s not.

After Chloe’s visit, Adam even more sure she helped Victor frame him. She wants me in prison for Delia – that’s the bottom line (and Adam needs Chelsea to help him prove that)

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Whether or not Phyllis is sincere about wanting to stay with Jack, Jill tells her to stop with the drama and mixed messages. Billy IS destined to be with Vikki.

Billy thanks Vikki for speaking her mind last night. No, she didn’t volunteer to come back to Brash n Sassy, but that’s what Billy feels he’s owed (for Vikki snoring and drooling on him – and here’s video to prove it) She’s relieved and giggly when Billy deletes it.

Chloe’s not happy when Victor drops by the penthouse (or that Victor’s having her followed) Victor doesn’t believe Chloe went to forgive Adam – you went to see him suffer. He knows she didn’t burn the journal pages. Hearing Bella cry, Victor issues a veiled threat – he WILL get those pages. Chloe’s left to look worried.

Adam and Chelsea continue to debate whether Chloe’s better. Chelsea’ believes she’s telling the truth – and she came back for Bella (not to see her ‘handiwork’)

Yes, people CAN change – but Adam knows Chloe hasn’t. She gloated the whole time she was here. She’s grateful to be a Mom again – her anger is gone, Chelsea insists. If you could see her with Bella …. But Adam can’t, because Chloe’s put him here and now his wife doesn’t even believe him!

Chloe’s healed – and Kevin believes she only needs to be reminded of what we had. I can win her back – be an amazing Dad to Bella. Mariah’s reluctant to mention Kevin while she’s working with Chloe. Please – she needs to be reminded that I’m her Ducky. As a friend, Mariah warns that Kevin can’t make Chloe love him back. OK – she’ll help (but doesn’t want a sweaty hug)