Monday, August 8th

Victor’s at Jabot to ask Phyllis to put their ‘petty differences’ aside and work together to get Luca out of Summer’s life. Jack walks in to hear the plan and restrain Phyllis (who doesn’t agree that their differences are petty)

Luca pressures Summer – we aren’t rushing things – let’s get to city hall and get married. Summer wants a big wedding with her family. Nice idea, but do you really think they’ll come? (Luca clearly doesn’t)

On the rooftop, Cane leaves Lily to oversee the twins working on gluing apples on their very confusing family tree. Jill appears to peer at the project – we sure have an extraordinary tree, with many branches.

At the office, Vikki has Billy close his eyes to envision her vivid description of a sensual perfume ad for Brash n Sassy. Billy? Are you with me or not? He is not – he’s fantasizing about kissing Phyllis.

Ordered to leave by Jack, Victor does – with advice – your wife needs to keep her temper in check or she’ll alienate my granddaughter. Summer and Luca are engaged, Phyllis updates Jack. She won’t work with Victor – but will stop the wedding herself.

Summer’s sure her family will come to the wedding – my Mom didn’t freak out. Dad will be cool. Grandpa will be a tough sell. Nope – the respectful Luca already told Victor. He’s on board – let’s start with the arrangements. First, Summer has something to do (and rushes out)

Reminding the twins of the cool gifts she and Collin buy them, Jill wants their apples to stand out. Genevieve’s apple should have a worm coming out of it. Taken aside, Jill tells Lily that she’s just trying to distract the kids from their strange family tree. After Neil arrives, she puts the Billy apple right next to Vikki’s.

‘For the woman who always gets what she wants’ will be a national campaign, Billy and Vikki decide. Cane arrives to wonder what happened to his idea and why Billy’s talking to Vikki about it. She’s part of the team , Billy and Vikki both look smug.

How come we never talk about Grandpa Neil’s parents. He lost touch with them is all, Neil shrugs it off (but Lily doesn’t)

When Cane welcomes Vikki to the company, Billy knows he’s not happy about it. He knows Jill’s behind it and doesn’t think BnS needs another executive. What did she promise you? Vikki was given a chance to save the company she started. His idea mocked, Cane thinks hers outdated and realizes it’ll always be them vs him. Jill arrives – this is about the three of you. None of us are buying that load of crap, Billy speaks for all.

Of course Victor has time for Summer (who’s dropped by the office to ask for an honest answer – are you really OK about me getting married?)

Phyllis thinks Luca way worse than Austin (which she wasn’t around to stop) She’s called Nick to get him home from his trip (looking for proof that Luca’s involved with the sabotage/oil spill) Jack’s frustrated. Yes, he DOES expect her to put a smile on and support Summer.