Tuesday, August 9th

Dylan sees Sharon with Sully and knows she’s not broken (or the same as Chloe) As she marches upstairs, Dylan lets Chelsea in. She wants him to investigate Chloe – to prove her innocent (for Adam’s sake and to catch who’s really behind framing Adam.

Flowers in hand, Mariah reads the card that came along with flowers – I’m an idiot. D’uh, I told you. let’s start over. Pretty, who are they for? Chloe asks. They’re … for me – from Kevin, Mariah lies. Chloe’s pleased – he’s a good guy. Now alone, Mariah rips up the card (addressed to Chloe)

Brow furrowed, Kevin intently watches surveillance footage of Victor and his mystery visitor.

Post romp, Summer goes up for a shower. Saying he has to make a call, Luca sneaks into the laptop to open a file on Travis – I’ve been tracking the subject – he was last seen in Mexico. Find him and get back to me ~click~

Luca took the bait willingly, Victor updates Phyllis. He wants to prove Travis is guilty (though he’s not) Luca’s a piece of work. Phyllis isn’t happy – her daughter’s been through enough. And at least Victor’s screwing over the right person, for the right reason. Victor guarantees that Summer won’t marry that bastard.

Next: There’s some fierce people out there fighting for you, Mike tells Adam … Remember one thing, I’m Adam’s only hope, Victor points his finger at Chelsea…. Paul’s pissed off at Dylan – until you can learn to work within the system you do not deserve to wear that badge!!

My Thoughts: OK – call ME crazy, but I actually enjoyed the scene in which all the ladies shared wedding-from-hell stories (half of which were caused by another woman in the room) … Odd how Mariah suddenly has a new wardrobe. She must shop in the ‘I now work for a designer’ section … How exactly did Sharon cure herself this time? Her visions of Sage came BEFORE she went off her meds. I can’t see why they’d go away now that she’s back on them. And when is she attending this therapy she’s joking about? After knocking Mariah out with a bookend, she let HER go to the therapist…. Ooooohhhh. Luca’s eavesdropping. You’ve nailed him Victor (of course, anyone who goes up against Victor inevitably fails – that’s why Chloe’s days are numbered)