Wednesday, August 17th

Chloe watches as Chelsea reads Adam’s birthday card to Connor – then flashes back to Victor saying his son’s suffered immeasurably. She thinks Connor would soon be getting a better present. What could be better than a letter from his Dad? Chelsea wonders.

Adam paces in his cell – stay awake – keep the nightmares away. A guard comes along to ask needle him about being on a hunger strike. Go away, Adam murmurs.

Forensics has scoured the motel room. Dylan knows they need the diary pages. Paul thinks it’s a dead end – he’s calling it in. Dylan then notices the light switch plate is loose – and pulls out some papers. You’ve gotta be kidding me, Paul’s incredulous.

Cane finds Billy at Jabot – looks like you pulled an all-nighter. With Vikki? Jill arrives – delighted.

Phyllis is on the phone with Victor – she’ll be civil with him only until the wedding’s called off. Ashley appears in the doorway – you’re playing a very dangerous game.

Jack shows up at Victor’s office – stay the hell away from my wife, he orders.

Your wife and I want the same thing, Victor doesn’t want Luca to have access to Summer’s trust fund. It’s her mistake to make, Jack asks what the plan is – will you hold Luca hostage in a hut? Phyllis and I will take care of it, Victor guesses Jack’s pissed because his wife came to him.

Ashley worries Phyllis will alienate Summer and drive a wedge between her and Jack. He fought like hell to get back to you. You’re Victor in a dress. Phyllis won’t let Summer marry someone who doesn’t deserve her. Ashley lists all Abby’s been through – she made her mistakes. This is MY daughter, MY fight, Phyllis hisses.

Chelsea again asks Chloe what she meant by saying Connor would have a better gift than a letter from his Father. Adam wants us to move on – it’s cruel. Chelsea’s at loose ends. You’re a better person than I’ll ever be, Chloe stammers – anything can happen. You welcomed me into your home – now the rage is gone. The gift is having Adam back – you’ll find a way to do it.

Still at the motel room, Dylan scans the journal pages – there’s nothing about Adam killing Constance. But there’s nothing that points to Victor, Paul says. Dylan races out – Adam deserves to be home with his son.

Refusing to touch his dinner, a weakened Adam thinks he sees Victor as his guard again.