Thursday, August 18th

Nick walks into Paul’s office to ask him and Dylan if it’s true – there’s new evidence that proves Adam’s innocence? Yes – Sage’s missing journal pages.

At the penthouse, Victor thinks it time Chloe move out. What? she’s alarmed. Victor can’t have her living under the same roof as Adam (who’ll be out soon)

As sirens wail, Adam throttles the guard (believing it’s Victor)

Sharon and Mariah are talking about work on the CL’s patio – and then Kevin. Mariah’s furious to hear that Sharon all but told Kevin why she stole Chloe’s flowers (as he’s spotted ordering at the counter)

Moored at a Mexican marina, Travis is tinkering at something when Vikki climbs board. What brings you to sunny Mexico? You, she replies simply.

Guards pull Adam off the unconscious guard and throw him on his bunk.

Nick’s given copies of the original journal pages – the least they can do after all he’s been through. Did my Dad do this? There’s no proof, but Bethany Bryan is connected to Victor. She visited him in prison and was supposedly hired to keep Vikki and Billy apart. Do the cops believe him? Do you? Dylan asks.

Chloe explains the bond she and Chelsea have – we’re connected. Connor can see because of my daughter. Victor repeats his ‘strong suggestion’ (not an order) to get the hell out of here. Bella needs her Mother. Go raise your child.

An impatient Chelsea demands to see her husband – telling the warden that she’s not leaving. When Mike arrives, he referees – he’s not leaving until he has answers (but convinces Chelsea to leave) The warden updates Mike that Adam’s been on a hunger strike. He attacked a guard.

Vikki doesn’t like rum? It’s a long story, she sits with her drink to tell Travis that Luca’s framing him to make himself Summer’s hero. Everyone wants him gone – except Summer. Yes, the family sent her. You wasted a trip, Travis won’t be seduced into submission.

Chelsea’s not happy to come home to find Victor (but tells Chloe that something’s going on at the prison) Victor’s offers to make some calls are rejected. After he leaves, Chloe promises that everything will work out ~hug~

Kevin needed to know how you feel, Sharon insists. What did she say? No time – here he comes. Kevin asks to speak to Mariah (who tries to escape to work) We have time, a smiling Sharon goes in to order another coffee. Mariah tells Kevin that Sharon doesn’t know what she’s talking about. So you don’t have feelings for me? Kevin responds.

Vikki explains that Phyllis is the one who convinced her that she must try to help Summer. Travis is a good person who doesn’t deserve what Luca’s doing to him. Yes, people should be allowed to make their own mistakes, but marrying another unworthy husband will crush her. Come back to GC to talk to her. The police will come for you soon anyway. No way, Travis is enjoying his escape – maybe that’s why Vikki really came down here.

Nick’s waiting at the office to confront Victor – what’s going on at the prison? Are things not going according to plan?