Wednesday, September 7th

Victor shares things that need to be said – Adam would do anything for his family – he was like me; sometimes ruthless. As Jill slips in, the mourners are told that Victor blames himself for Adam’s death.

I wanted to control Adam’s life, Victor admits. And as Kevin slips in to take a seat, Mike whispers that Victor’s about to confess. Victor wishes he’d been more patient, instead … Don’t do this, Nikki hisses. Jack steps up to say that Adam would forgive him. We can’t control the people we love. We have to let them go.

At the cabin, the person Jack loves is letting go with his brother.

Victor appreciates Jack’s words…. What happened at that cabin was an accident, Jack agrees that a man does write his own story. It’s never too late to write your own.

Phyllis and Billy continue to make out at the cabin.

Jack steps up to tell Victor that today’s about Adam. I’ll miss him. After Victor thanks Jack, Chelsea tells Nick that she wants to speak. Nobody expects you to. Yes, Adam would – I owe it to him and my son. At the podium, Chelsea speaks to Connor – we’ll be OK, you and me against the world. I’m gonna miss your Dad (and on she gushes about the best man she’s ever known) Chloe’s face is blank as Chelsea praises Victor then crouches in front of Connor (on Nick’s lap) to say they’ll be brave like Daddy.

Bathing in the afterglow, everyone is far far away – but Phyllis must soon return to Jack. We must make a choice. No, she’s not saying this is the last time. We should tell Jack? Billy’s hopeful. No, we must lead two lives; a public and a secret one.

The mourners mingling, Sharon hugs Chelsea. Agreeing to drive them home, Nick has Connor in his arms as Jack stops him to say some nice words and offer support to Chelsea. Nick appreciates what Jack said to his Dad. Kevin’s off to CL’s with Mike and Sharon – Chloe will meet them there. What stopped you? she asks Victor why he didn’t confess. Victor didn’t want to take Nikki down and hopes Chloe’s innocent like she says, or else. Across the room, Jill’s surprised to hear that Vikki’s taking Travis to Seattle. Oh? Billy didn’t tell you? He has another priority. Cane and I can represent the company, Vikki assures. Wishing them good luck, a frustrated Jill’s left to mutter ‘damn’.

Alone, Jack sits to stare at Adam’s portrait – flashing back to ‘Gabe’ revealing himself. Be a better man, the man Adam Newman never got a chance to be! Adam agrees. Ashley appears to ask where Phyllis. Jack couldn’t ask her to be around Victor. Ashley wishes Phyllis could put Jack first for once.