Thursday, September 8th

At the station, Paul appreciates Summer coming in to do her statement. Luca’s still in holding (if she’d like some closure) Nope – everything Summer needed to say is in her statement. Exiting Paul’s office, she sees Luca.

Phyllis was with Billy to avoid Victor’s big show of grief. Jill sneers – phony sentiments are hard to stomach – somehow we manage don’t we? Jack’s glad Phyllis stayed away. So generous of you, Jill gushes – don’t you agree? she glares at the lovers.

At GCM, Ben kisses Abby – he’s sorry he forgot about Adam’s memorial. Victor and Jack took it pretty hard, Abby says – she understands that Ben’s busy with work. He suggests they have dinner together (he has something to discuss) Dylan arrives needing Ben’s help – off the record.

At home, Sharon worries that Dylan going after Victor will lead to him exposing Sully being Sage and Nick’s baby. If anyone can find out,it’s Victor. Wait – Mariah wonders if Sharon thinks SHE’S the weak link who’ll tell Victor.

Sharon knows Mariah wouldn’t deliberately tell Victor – but he’s ruthless and smart enough to unearth the truth. Dylan will hate me. Mariah assures Sharon that all’s well – Victor’s clueless. Yes, but Dylan won’t give up – he’ll find Victor’s helper unless I stop him from looking.

Abby leaves Ben and Dylan. It’s about Adam’s death – formally, the investigation’s closed but something about the DNA analysis doesn’t sit right with Dylan. Ben will do it asap.

As Paul goes to sort out the transport van, Luca tells Summer that he loved her – and knows she loves him. Yes, but you were working me – it was all an act. She’s sick of the lies and hearing how sorry Luca is. I’m done. I want nothing from you. Luca grabs her through the bars – please.

As Jill hisses at Phyllis and Billy, Jack returns to say that he’s glad Billy was there for Phyllis. As he takes Billy aside for a word, Jill asks what part of ‘leave my son alone’ Phyllis doesn’t understand. Ashley’s suspicious and one day Jack will be too. Meanwhile, Jack thanks Billy for taking care of Phyllis – so she didn’t do something she’ll regret… unless she already has.

Sure Luca planned to use Summer to usurp the Newmans but he fell in love with her. There is something Luca do – tell me what you regret. A house with a yard, a little girl with your eyes. Our 50th wedding anniversary – what we would have been – losing that is Luca’s biggest regret. Hopefully, you won’t hate me one day. As Paul leads Luca out, Summer says she could never hate him.

Paul’s not happy to see Dylan’s using the whiteboard to investigate Adam’s case. He’s dead – don’t let animosity towards Victor cloud your judgment. As his Chief, Paul wants Dylan to let it go.