Monday, September 12th

Nick had hoped to take Chelsea and Connor to the park. He’s spending the day with Chloe and Bella – Chelsea’s at the studio. Nick doesn’t think she should be rushing back to work. Chloe knows her best friend – she needs to move on and accept life without Adam.

At the studio, Chelsea’s reliving the explosion when Sharon appears – what are you doing here? I’m working – what does it look like I’m doing? Both look down to see that Chelsea’s scribbled over a sketch.

At the estate, Jill drinks a glass of seltzer water, then it’s off to work. She again warns Collin not to break her confidence and exploit Billy – the affair is over. Billy comes down to worry about his Mom’s health. You didn’t tell him, did you? Collin’s sent out so that Jill can tell Billy that she lied about the heart attack.

Seated beside Jack at the therapist’s office, Phyllis says the blame is all on her and what she’s done.

Having lost someone he loves, Nick knows Chelsea won’t get over this easily. Chloe doesn’t see any harm in Chelsea seeking comfort in her work. Everything in this penthouse reminds her of Adam. Nick thinks about Sage and the baby they lost all the time. Chloe knows that too. Nick persists – you needed to work through your issues. We must help Chelsea. Time heals all wounds. You really believe that? Chloe follows him to the door – despite the promise you made to Adam, let Chelsea grieve in her own way. Nick can’t.

When Sharon suggests Chelsea take a break, Chelsea asks why the new line hasn’t been delivered yet. Sharon pushed the delivery date back on the new line. You had no right to do that! Chelsea screeches.

Jill lectures Billy on his mistakes – sleeping with his own sister in law. She thought she had a heart attack but Stitch told her it was acid reflux. Talk to me – yell at me, Jill invites. It won’t change anything – Phyllis and I are done but it’s not mutual (her choice not mine)

Phyllis tells the therapist that she had a man in her bed who had her husband’s face but not his soul. Jack’s sure the doctor read about it in the papers. This monster’s gone but he still haunts Phyllis. It’s not your fault, Phyllis reminds an emotional Jack. Counseling is their last hope to bring down the wall between them. Phyllis searched for someone to understand her without judgment; someone who wasn’t Jack. She went to my brother, he adds.

Phyllis needed someone to talk to – she and Billy shared a hatred for the man who brought this monster into their lives. Jack adds that the closer Phyllis and Billy got the more uncomfortable it made everyone. The therapist believes they can work through this. In the parking lot, Phyllis is optimistic and wants to continue the discussion later. Jack has to go (and leaves Phyllis looking worried as he drives away)