Friday, September 9th

At the park, Phyllis confesses – she said she was committed to making the marriage work but I wasn’t. I betrayed you, she tells Jack.

Home, Jill won’t let Billy blame her for his mistakes – Phyllis isn’t worth destroying your family over. She cheated on Jack with Nick and now you. Your Dad is gone – Jack’s the only Father figure you have. When Jill grabs her chest and sits, struggling to breathe, Billy scoffs – nice try.

At the club, Abby is indeed surprised that Ben wants to try for another baby. He’s all gung-ho. The timing may never be perfect – why wait for something we both want? Abby forces a smile.

At another table, Summer’s sorry she couldn’t be at the Memorial – how is Victor holding up? She has something important to tell him.

Dylan wonders why Sharon thinks Victor can hurt them – talk to me.

Wow, you’re really going for it, Billy thinks his Mother’s acting. Collin rushes in and at Jill’s request calls 911. Billy now looks worried. I can’t breathe, Jill gasps.

Back at the club, Abby doesn’t feel like she and Ben have a chance to just be married – there’s been so much trauma; Billy getting run over at the wedding – then Max appeared – and losing their baby. Now you want to have another one? Ben wants to have the future they always wanted – but when the hospital summons him, he gives Abby a kiss and leaves her reeling.

Summer feels like an idiot for trusting Luca, giving him access to the company. Victor thinks her a chip off the old block – you stood up to the entire family. When the time came, you went to the police. Summer credits Jack – like her Grandpa, he always looks out for her.

In tears, Phyllis admits to making excuses not to come home to Jack. He’s right in saying that every time she’s with him she sees Marco. She’s making Jack pay for her mistakes. I’m broken inside. Jack feels responsible too – we have to start over, heal and find strength together.

Sharon’s frustrated – she’s not afraid for herself but look at what Victor’s done to his kids. Why would Dylan make such a dangerous enemy? Dylan’s not afraid of Victor. He feels there’s something more to Adam’s death. In need of air, Sharon rushes out for a long walk (and passes Mariah at the door) You don’t have to cover for Sharon anymore, Dylan tells her.