Tuesday, September 13th

At the lab, Ashley finds Billy directing a gaggle of bikini-clad women in some sort of audition/fashion shoot (which includes drinking shooters) She shuts the music off – playtime’s over little brother. Time to put away your toys.

Jill accosts Phyllis at the club – I heard you ended things with Billy (and this time mean it)

As Collin salivates over the duffel bag of money, Jack demands to know what he has on Phyllis. Answer me, he tosses a stack of ‘Benjamins’ at Collin.

Chloe tries to convince Sharon that she’s over her her hatred for Adam – Victor’s really the bad guy. He tried to reunite Adam with his wife and son, Sharon thinks that kinda makes him the good guy. Arriving, Dylan would love to hear Chloe’s answer to that.

A sniffling Chelsea’s further upset when Victor shows up at the studio – haven’t you stolen enough from me? Victor’s not here to take – he’s here to give.

Sharon and Chloe are in agreement that no one will ever know what happened; Adam’s dead and Victor’s not talking. Dylan’s not giving up – and he wants to know whether Chloe agrees with Sharon (that Victor’s innocent) or that he’s guilty (as he believes) Sharon worries about making things worse for Chelsea. She got mad and sent me home. Having missed Adam’s service, Dylan decides to go see Chelsea (and gives Sharon little choice but to join him)

Chelsea reminds Victor that the studio is her workplace (even though he own 30%) What do you want? Victor’s there to give the 39% back and he wants no say in the company – no interference. He wants Chelsea to keep all the profits of her hard work. He hands over a contract – sign it and nothing binds us together (not even my grandson) These papers won’t help Chelsea get through this. Victor knows – I’m sorry. Anything else I can do for you? Nothing – but as Victor leaves, Chelsea thanks him.

Collin will tell the truth – not about Phyllis, about me (but first he must cover the money) Collin loves his wife more than money – he’s tempted to make up a story and run with the money, but then he’d lose Jill. Collin has nothing on Phyllis. As he rambles on, Jack sits and looks as if he’s figured it out.

Phyllis demands Jill not tell Jack anything and doesn’t think she’ll be able to push Billy and Vikki back together. Vikki’s his true love, Jill knows. Phyllis wants Billy to be happy.

We’ll have our people call your people, Ashley calls out at the ladies sashay out. Billy drinks – and doesn’t care what his Mom will think of it. Taking the bottle of tequila away, Ashley asks ‘who is she’? Getting nowhere, she rephrases the question – what’s going on with you and Phyllis?

Joining Chloe at CL’s, Kevin asks about her intense texting. Chloe claims she was texting Ester about Bella. Kevin doesn’t want to be pushy but wants to do something later with her and Bella. Chloe thinks it sweet how much Kevin loves her daughter.