Wednesday, September 14th

Nikki’s surprised to find Paul at her door – isn’t the police surveillance over? Walking in, Paul’s there about their son – to pull Dylan back from the ledge.

At the station, Victor scoffs at Dylan doodling on his blackboard – let’s get playtime over with (he holds his wrists out for handcuffs) Dylan won’t jump the gun – but is working on proof that Victor framed Adam and busted him out. It DOES ‘make sense’ if the escape was to make Adam feel safe (until the cabin blew up) Careful boy, Victor warns – you’re accusing me of killing my son.

In the lab’s office, Billy and the model drink straight booze. She tosses the bikini top she’s wearing under her shirt at Billy. Have you always been a redhead? he asks.

This time Phyllis means it when she says the affair with Billy’s over. She could be herself with him. But, she wasn’t ‘free’ after all – she felt guilt and disgust. Now, Phyllis feels light, good. Finally saying the words. I must tell Jack today. Why? The consequences of unburdening yourself might cost you your marriage.

Billy’s in love with your wife, Ashley blurts out as Jack’s about to leave the office. No, it’s not rumour – he told me himself.

Dylan’s hell bent on proving that Victor framed and freed Adam – despite threat of suspension he wants to right the wrong. Victor’s devastated over his son’s death and Nikki thinks it ridiculous that Dylan’s worried about her covering for her husband. She knows what Victor’s capable of and what he’s not – and doesn’t need to be protected from my own husband. Then convince Dylan of that – before he pushes this too far, Paul requests.

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Back at the station, Victor lists all Dylan’s done – and still hasn’t found any evidence. There will be consequences to this harassment. Dylan wants a confession. Go get a tape recorder – you don’t want to miss a word.

It wasn’t a grand announcement, Ashley tells Jack that Billy told her that he and Phyllis have a deep connection. He’s been struggling since breaking up with Vikki and bonded with Phyllis over hating Victor. They realized it was inappropriate and broke it off. Wait – does Phyllis love Billy? Jack asks (then is further angered to hear that Billy knows about the counselling) We both know this is more than a friendly connection! Jack marches off to find answers.

The model readily admits that her red hair comes from a bottle – you like redheads? Yes, Billy does – very much. The flirting leads to kissing – and by the time Jack arrives, he finds Billy all over a redhead on the sofa.

The therapist listens as Phyllis doesn’t want to lose Jack but I owe him the honesty he’s shown me. But is Phyllis ‘the liar and cheater’ telling Jack to save the marriage – or punish herself? Phyllis worries Jack will hear it from someone else (like Collin the lowlife) She then admits to having another affair – then Marco (which she’s still deeply traumatized by)