Thursday, September 15th

Sorry. No time for spellcheck today….

At home, Jack demands an answer from Phyllis – did you sleep with Billy? After a long pause, she answers ‘yes’.

Billy is weak and stupid – I should never have pursued Phyllis but we have a connection. He thinks everything would have worked out if not for what Ashley ‘unleashed’. Ashley thinks Billy’s lying to himself – the moment he and Phyllis gave into their temptations her marriage to Jack was doomed (whether or not he found out) That’s something you’ll have to live with little brother.

In the dining room, Lily tells Neil that everything’s ready on the rooftop for his interview regarding the Foundation. Jack will be along shortly (though Lily hasn’t seen him) She doesn’t want to overstep but is Neil OK about his Mom’s death? Seemingly so, he claims that what happened in that room was the biggest surprise of all.

At Jabot to show Travis the office, Vikki and Cane rave about their successful business trip. All three are surprised to see the office is a complete mess.

Phyllis was confused – it was complicated. When, where – how many times!? Jack’s not buying excuses and demands answers.

Neil tells Lily the story of his alcoholic Mother. Basically, she left the family to protect it. She got sober and reached out, but Neil didn’t respond. Hindsight is 20/20. At least you learned the truth, and from her, Lily thinks that counts for something. Yes, far more than you know, Neil agrees.

Travis, Cane and Vikki tidy the office – looks like Billy had a party. After Cane leaves, Vikki rants about Billy bailing on the business trip to drink tequila and do God knows what else. Travis knows what else (as he holds up a bikini top)

Billy tells Ashley to give him a break – you’re always on Jack’s side. You make it hard – how will the family recover from this!? You don’t get it, you don’t get me! Billy snaps. I’ll help you understand! Here’s everything you need to know. With a marker, he writes PHYLLIS LOVES JACK in huge letters and marches out of the office.

Phyllis tells Jack that her relationship with Billy shifted the night of the storm. She fought the way she was feeling. Until you couldn’t help sleeping with Billy while sleeping with me!? It’s all so clear to Jack now (he lists the signs and rehashes his birthday getaway – were you with Billy at the cabin?) Yes, Phyllis admits. Our place – the place you helped me get sober!? Jack’s beside himself. Phyllis cries that she was messed up over what Victor did to her.

Neil shows Lily his Mother’s 25-year sober coin. If she can do it, he will too. Now knowing his disease was inherited, Neil will talk about that in the interview. He watches as Cane comes in to hug the wife who obviously missed him very much too.

Travis observes as Vikki lectures Billy on the mess he left the office in. Hearing the meetings in Seattle went well, Billy does NOT feel the need to step up. He doesn’t have to impress Jill or anyone else.