Friday, September 16th

Summer bumps into Nick at the club. Giving him the cold shoulder, she’s been too busy to call him back. Yes, she heard about her Mom – it’s all over social media. Your Mom’s gonna need us right now, Nick says. Jack’s gonna need us too, Summer snaps. Reporters enter to ask Phyllis why she slept with her husband’s brothers.

Billy’s at Vikki’s because it’s his day with the kids. Are you gonna push me on this? Travis flocks to Vikki’s side – it’s not a fight you want to have.

Neil’s on the phone in Lily’s office – Lois can’t stop the story Jack gave on live TV. Devon and Cane chime in – no one can blame Jack; he just found out his wife’s cheating.

Turning off the TV, Jill lets Jack in. I’m sorry – I never meant for this to happen, she looks devastated. Why didn’t you tell me? Jack asks.

Neil won’t let his family brush aside the comparisons – he was irrational when finding out his wife cheated with a family member. He was out of his mind with anger and jealousy. We’ve gotten past it – we love you, the kids assure. Neil hopes Jack doesn’t go down the same path he did (revenge)

Jack calls Jill a coward for not telling him. Why did you blackmail her? OK, Jill was trying to protect the family. By covering for Billy like we always do!? Jill thought she’d put at end to the affair. She didn’t know what else to do. THIS is what she wanted to avoid (Jack’s heartbreak) You’ll pay for this betrayal, Jack warns.

Billy tells the bartender to skedaddle and after Travis goes upstairs argues with Vikki about whether his affair with Phyllis affects him seeing the kids.

In a large, dark, hat, Phyllis is accosted by a barrage of reporters at the club. What do you have to say? the spokesman asks. After Nick takes the pack off for a statement, Phyllis and Summer argue at the bar. This media circus isn’t Jack’s fault – and Summer DOES ‘understand’. Jack spent the night here but he’s not in his room, Summer WILL look out for him.

Nick blocks the stairs to blast the press – stop trying to turn my friend’s pain into a sound-bite. Stop harassing my friends. Phyllis follows Summer to whine about how bad she feels. Summer thinks she should – you’re a hypocrite Mom.

Jill won’t apologize for wanting Billy back with Vikki – the woman he really wants. So my wife was casual sex? Jack seems offended. And it didn’t work – Phyllis went back to Billy again and again. You knew they were together but listened to me defend them. Jack meant every word of his threat (and leaves Jill to fret on her front step)

Billy is their Father – he’s going to get the kids. Vikki doesn’t want them subjected to the press. You really want to play who’s the better parent? Billy reminds that Vikki didn’t know who Katie’s Father was, and now she’s got a revolving door of men. Travis appears to tell Billy it’s time to go.

You want the kids to hear you fighting with their Mother? They’re safe here – go deal with whatever you need to, Travis concludes. After Billy leaves, Vikki snaps at
Travis – I can take care of myself.