Monday, October 24th

After their Halloween play, Lily and Neil have brought the kids to the club for sundaes. The twins are bummed because Daddy didn’t come. He had to work, Lily explains. Then why is he here??

Sharon gets to the phone before Dylan can answer it – we don’t want a free roof estimate, she lies. Patty guesses she’s not alone (and wants to know the plan) Is that my policeman nephew? Patty wants to talk to Dylan (who’d also like the phone Sharon’s gripping) Take me off the call list! Sharon snaps and hangs up. Do you think they’ll call back? Mariah wonders. Sharon hopes not.

The doctor thanks Patty for waiting in her office – someone’s here to see you. Hey Pattycakes – Paul’s there to continue their conversation. We have a lot to talk about, Patty agrees.

Kevin and Chloe snuggle happily in her bed. He was willing to go slow and will give Chloe space if she needs it (which doesn’t seem to be the case) Sent down for wine, Kevin quickly grabs a tiny blanket to cover himself when Chelsea comes through the front door.

Going upstairs backwards, clutching a wine bottle and glasses, Kevin passes Chloe (coming down wearing his shirt, she tells Chelsea that yes, the date went well)

Introduced to Renee (a buyer) Lily agrees that Cane is indeed very charming – then borrows him for a moment. I thought you were working. Cane is (on a deal) – and looking at the twins in costume (with Neil) is sorry he forgot the play was tonight. Lily’s NOT impressed.

Paul asks Patty about Mariah’s visit. You remember that Dylan’s married to Sharon right? She’s been getting calls and thought they were from you. Patty plays up her ‘crazy’ and clams up when Paul asks about the painting of Sharon. I paint my secrets, Patty whispers. What secrets? The best kind, she smiles to herself.

Sharon can’t give Dylan her phone – she has to charge it (and turn it off) That call freaked you out – you froze, Dylan presses. Claiming she’s fine, Sharon sends him up for a blanket. OK – but this conversation’s not over. Mariah then grills Sharon – what did Patty want? She wants to know what the plan is. What if she gets another phone and calls the station~? Paul has questions – he and Dylan will put it together! I’m gonna lose my son! Mariah calms her Mom down – pull yourself together.

Lily and Neil tell the twins that Daddy’s having an important meeting. As they sadly go off to get sundaes, Neil thinks Lily handled that well. Looking over at Cane’s table, Lily knows he’s working hard – but he promised he’d go to their play. How do I fix this?

All down in the living room, Kevin’s apologetic. Amused, Chelsea suggests they put a sign on the door next time. Seeing Kevin out, Chloe knows he’ll be back soon – we have a bottle of wine to finish.