Tuesday, October 25th

As Jack fills a briefcase with cash, Phyllis comes in to hear he’s ready for the next step of their plan. Billy bursts in with his guard in pursuit. He’s there to stop Jack from ruining himself by going down the same path he did.

Lauren’s at Brash n Sassy to complain that they’re going to other buyers behind her back when Fenmore’s had an exclusive deal to distribute Bare. Calm down – Jill and Vikki didn’t authorize any new deals. I did, Cane appears to announce.

Travis sits to the side as a man and a woman (presumably board members) worry whether there’s truth to the rumors that the FBI may soon get involved. You’re wondering whether I’m diverting funds and misrepresenting NE’s finances, Victor summarizes.

Cane tells Lauren that the exclusive deal only lasted for the first few weeks of the roll out. This is news to Lauren (her sister’s a partner in Fenmore’s after all) Her shelves are bare (of Bare) and that puts you in breach. Vikki’s found a new supplier who’ll deliver by the end of the week. And Jill will extend Fenmore’s exclusivity for two weeks to compensate for the time the shelves were empty. And in the next contract, Fenmore’s is exclusive as long as Lauren wants. The three women then joke about Cane being overzealous but after Lauren leaves, Vikki asks Jill to go easy on him. In the office, Cane wonders what to do about the contracts he just signed. Jill tells him to come up with something – I’m the one in charge.

Victor tells the board members that whoever leaked this fake information did so for personal reasons – tell the rest of the board not to worry about a damn thing. Thank you for coming by. Travis then wonders if they could be behind it – or maybe someone in the family. Victor knows no one in the family would sabotage the company. Travis points out that the documents weren’t fake. Victor’s suing the Hamilton’s to find out who’s sending all this info to Jack.

Giving Billy two minutes, Jack sends Dave outside. Billy knows that he’s behind the info being leaked to GC Buzz. So does Victor – he’ll retaliate. Yes, of course he deserves it. Why is Billy here? Jack knows he doesn’t care about him or Victor. No, Billy doesn’t care if Jack and Victor go to war – but he doesn’t want to see Phyllis dragged down with them.

Jack’s not dragging me into anything, Phyllis assures Billy (who warns Jack that this vendetta will hurt her – or maybe that’s what you want) You’re not my employee or my brother – you’re opinion doesn’t matter, Jack shouts – YOU don’t matter. Get out of my office or I’ll throw you out. Go, please, Phyllis adds. Without further word, Billy storms out.

At the club, Lauren rants about Cane making deals all over town – I can’t believe he treated me this way. Mike wonders if it’s anything to do with his misguided effort to push Lauren and Cane together last year. He’s being an idiot – who’s gone back to being pushed around by Jill. And since Lauren’s not suing her sister, Mike’s free to represent Victor.

Travis asks Natalie to do some research – a financial picture on all the board members; bank accounts, stocks, large purchases etc. Most of those members are Newmans – what will Victor think? she worries. It’s a mistake to rule out anyone, Travis maintains.