Friday, October 21st

At the club, Hilary wants Ashley to go on the record. ‘No comment’ is not a denial. Is this Jack’s idea of payback?

Jack’s on the phone with a mystery accomplice – I need another meeting, tonight.

In her office, Phyllis has no time for whatever Victor wants. He wants to save Jack from himself – this could be the last mistake he’ll ever make.

At the studio, Chelsea knows Chloe’s distracted by thoughts of her date with Kevin. It’s not a date – just a couple of friends, Chloe claims. Kevin arrives to wow the ladies.

Dylan comes home at an excellent time – Nick’s ready to leave so he doesn’t want to wear out his welcome. Wait – Dylan wants to hear about everything he missed while he was gone.

OK, Something happened while you were gone, Sharon and Nick tease – we went to the pumpkin patch. Handed Sully, Dylan asks Nick to stay for cider. After Sharon and Mariah take Sully into the kitchen to fetch snacks, Dylan thanks Nick and wonders why Sharon didn’t tell him that they thought Patty was the stalker. He had to hear it from his Dad.

Kevin’s at the studio all dressed up for his dinner date with Chloe. Have fun you two kids, Chelsea sends them off – then sounds a bit envious as she tells Connor that she’s happy for Chloe.

At the club, Ashley doesn’t think much of Hilary’s journalistic skills if she didn’t verify the information or it’s source. Hilary knows that Jack has motive- but corporate espionage is more Phyllis’ ‘thing’. Hilary proposes Ashley help her bring down Phyllis and Victor – for Jack.

In the tiny office, Victor declares Phyllis more intelligent than Jack. She’s the mastermind doing Jack’s dirty work. Come to me before Jack launches another attack – save Jack from himself.

Phyllis won’t team up with Victor – she only did so last time to save Summer from Victor. Wanting to focus on his company, family and mourn losing his son. Come to me when Jack’s about to go down a dark path. When Phyllis expresses her love for Jack, Victor smirks – that warms the cockles of my heart.

In an alley, Jack talks to his mystery man about Victor presumably scrubbing his hard drives etc. Jack’s served him the appetiser – now for the entree.

Sharon, Mariah and Dylan are told that Nick’s gonna make like a banana and split. He loves being around the kids but must now go check on Chelsea and Connor. Thanks for letting me hang out with you bud, he tells Sully (then flashes back to Christian in an incubator.

Thanks for letting me borrow your son, Nick thinks them lucky. After he’s gone and Sharon takes Sully upstairs, Dylan wants to hear about Mariah’s visit to Patty. Yeah, Paul told him that too.

Out for dinner at Top of the Tower, Kevin and Chloe are having a great time. He practically purrs as she messes up his hair.