Wednesday, October 26th

Dylan’s talking to Paul on the phone – looks like Patty’s being moved, Sharon quietly tells Mariah – hopefully, we can buy time and she gets moved further away.

At Stonevale, Paul then tells Dylan (who then updates Sharon) that there’s been a problem with the transfer – Patty ‘lost it’ when delivered to Rivercrest.

Patty leaps on Paulie – something went wrong, it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. How was it supposed to happen? Paul’s puzzled.

At the club, Nikki’s more than happy to help Neil plan a charity luncheon. She’ll pitch in until Jack returns to the foundation. Hilary comes along to hope Nikki isn’t pissed about the segment she did on Victor. Are you recording this? Nikki sneers at the phone aimed at her. How do you feel about your husband’s ‘alleged’ unethical business practices? Hilary asks.

On GC Buzz’s patio, Leslie can’t sugar coat for Devon – you broadcast a disparaging story without checking the source – it’s journalism 101. Devon’s right to worry about his inheritance from Katherine – Victor’s suing for every penny he can get.

Victor doesn’t care what Travis said – no one in the family’s responsible for the leak. And because Natalie brought this to him, Victor trusts her too. Pleased to be in the inner circle, Natalie will get back to preventing leaks. Victor has a better idea.

When Hilary mentions Victor’s recent stint in prison and the possibility of him going back, Neil stands to say that Devon wouldn’t approve of guests being accosted in his club. The press in banned from here. Beat it. Hilary leaves her card in case Nikki wants a ‘sit down’. Nikki shrugs it off – dealing with the press is an unfortunate fact of life. Not if Neil has anything to say about it.

Now inside GC Buzz, Leslie says the best thing to do would be tracking down the source to authenticate the documents. Devon has no idea where they came from. Go to Victor, make a deal, Leslie advises – he must want something.

In Victor’s office, Natalie’s instructed to leave some sensitive files vulnerable enough for someone to download them. But no, once the mole is traced, he won’t be delivered to the police. Victor will deal with it.

Back at home, Dylan’s thinking of going to see Patty (with Paul). When he steps aside to take a call, Sharon and Mariah worry that Patty’s already told Paul everything. NO – we can’t make up an emergency hospital visit involving Sully, Mariah can’t keep coming up with the lies and stories, and she’s having a hard time looking Dylan in the eye. He’s going to realize something’s wrong. I can’t be here, Mariah leaves Sharon to stress alone.

Paul gently tells Patty why she can’t go back to Fairview. He thought she was OK with being transferred. It wasn’t about getting out, it’s about getting better. Wait, were you planning to escape? Talk to me – what are you thinking? Patty’s thinking about exposing the dirty secrets once and for all.