Wednesday, November 3rd

Pointlessly rearranging the penthouse, Chelsea can’t believe what Sharon has done. Chloe doesn’t want to judge Sharon – perhaps she felt she had no choice but to leave it alone. No, she could have told the truth, Chelsea counters – and if they don’t find a way to handle this ‘kindly’ things could get ugly.

Dylan doesn’t appreciate Nick coming to make demands in the middle of the night. Nick’s sorry Dylan got caught up in this – but HIS son is NOT named Sully and doesn’t belong in this house. Think about what’s best for him, Dylan will NOT ‘get out of the way’.

Billy joins a miserable Natalie at the Underground. She doesn’t want to be reminded that she’s working for Victor. You know what they say about misery. Scotch please, Billy takes a seat beside her.

Get back to me asap – I want it done tonight, Jack barks into his phone. Phyllis is updated that a forensic accountant is going over the info Fielding gave them. Once it’s confirmed, the plan goes ahead (hopefully it’ll be leaked to GC Buzz tonight) Tomorrow, Victor won’t know what hit him.

Phyllis preaches caution. It’s smart to have an accountant go over it – but we can sit on this for a month or so. Jack won’t wait and reminds that Phyllis’ job isn’t to look our for him – and we both know why.

Back at the bar, Billy wonders why Natalie’s working for Victor. After a taste of the good life, she needs the money – she sold her soul (like Vikki’s new boyfriend) He knows what he got himself into now. Interested, Billy orders more shots.

Chelsea hopes Nick doesn’t lose it in front of Faith. It’s an epic train-wreck, Chloe agrees. Dylan’s life is about to be obliterated, Chelsea relays that Nick gave them one more night. Chloe doubts Nick will wait – and who can blame him? Chelsea talks about not getting a chance to say goodbye (like with Delia and Adam) Nick’s too angry too angry to think about how this will affect everyone – including Christian.

Nick’s calling his lawyer. No! Sharon and Dylan ask him to be calm. Is that what you’d do? Nick objects. Dylan gets that – but you can’t take a sleeping baby out of his crib. Sharon adds that they believed the boy theirs – we love him and he loves us. A crime was committed, Nick thinks Dylan the cop should be arresting Sharon as an accomplice.