Tuesday, November 1st

At Underground, Kevin and Chloe are deciding which ‘hot and happy’ photo to post online. Today’s not an easy day for Nick – the first anniversary of Christian’s death. Chloe’s glad he’s with Chelsea and not obsessing.

Nick’s at the penthouse – obsessing to Chelsea that he’s watched his son play and sleep without knowing it. How could Sharon lie? He actually went out there to thank Sharon – but she knew before Sage died – we never got to be a family – because of Sharon.

At home, Dylan over-shouts Sharon’s sniveling – just say it!

Paul thanks Dr Hadley for seeing him – Patty’s made progress? Not exactly – she’s still deluded and claims she murdered Dr Anderson in self-defense (over some secret)

In her room, Patty gets a visit from the ghost of Dr Anderson – you’ll never be free of me now (she turns to show her stab wound) It’s me, Paul comes in to hug his panicked sister. Don’t let them punish me! Patty pleads.

Still at the bar, Chloe teases Kevin about Chelsea catching him in nothing but Bella’s blanket. Next time he’ll grab pants. Yes, there’ll be a next time. Chloe hopes Chelsea finds a new love – that’s the reason for everything. Huh? Uh, Chloe meant that if they can find happiness again, Chelsea can too.

Nick continues to rant – Sage was putting the pieces together but didn’t trust me enough to confide that Sharon was raising our baby. She felt like she was losing it. My wife died trying to get to me to tell me our son was alive. She never got to hear Christian call her ‘Mom’. Sharon would have kept this secret forever if not for Patty. Nick will never forgive her.

Sharon tells Dylan that Dr Anderson convinced her she was pregnant. She couldn’t tell him she lost the baby and prayed she’d get pregnant again. When she got to Fairview, pregnant, it was like a miracle – Sharon did everything Dr A told her (flashback to Dr A giving Sharon an injection) There was no baby – it was a lie – and Sharon was kept away from Dylan so she wouldn’t tell him the truth. One night, Dr A got her revenge on Nick – he and Sage were told that Christian died. But he didn’t. Flashback to Dr A putting Sully in Sharon’s arms. I believed Sully was ours – Nick believed Christian was gone. How could you not know? Dylan’s stunned – then realizes that Patty knew – that’s why she killed Dr Anderson. When did you know? Tell me you found out tonight, Dylan demands of Sharon.

Paul assures Patty that Dr Anderson can’t hurt her – she’s gone. Do you remember how she died? Self-defense – she wanted to make the secret go away, Patty explains. What secret? Paul wants to help. Dylan will need his Daddy’s help, Patty sadly replies.