Thursday, November 3rd

At the park cafe, a nervous Jack checks his watch and looks around. You’re late, he growls at Phyllis (who’s also nervous) Victor’s on to us – and the leak is about to go viral. Yes but Hilary doesn’t get to the office before 10 am (per Neil) Both Jack and Phyllis have a plan.

Arriving at GC Buzz, Hilary goes up one side and down the other. Get me coffee – why isn’t the mail opened? Was that a sigh? Is this job beneath you? Yes, Hilary’s early today – early bird gets the first scoop. Mariah sticks her tongue out as Hilary clop clops away. The blue envelope sits prominently on the desk.

The Ashby family is having a wonderful breakfast together at the club (since there’s no school) Cane would love to play basketball with the kids but has to go to work. Daddy has an important job, Lily reminds. Is work more important than us? Charlie pouts.

At NE, Travis needles an obviously hungover Natalie about ratting him out to Victor. Surprised to hear that she was drinking with Billy, he wonders why.

Billy’s already at the office when Vikki arrives to give him some candy Johnny sent for his Dad. What a great Halloween they all had. And Travis? Billy wastes no time dropping the bomb that he’s aware that Travis was investigating the family – so much for trust.

At the bottom of the club’s staircase, Cane promises to play basketball with the twins on the weekend. They snicker when Lily offers to show them grandpa’s best moves. Have fun – that’s an order – love you guys, Cane leaves. We’ll have a great day, Lily doesn’t look convinced.

As Hilary screams across the room at Mariah (who’s working on her ‘flat white’ coffee) when Kevin arrives to discuss the bomb she dropped last night. Let me help. Dylan called in sick, Paul’s awol – what’s going on? There’s nothing you can do. We all have to wait until Nick flips the switch and it all hits the fan. Nick’s involved too?

Jack will use his charm on Hilary. She’ll melt in your arms, Phyllis agrees (and it wouldn’t be for the first time) It’s not jealousy – what if Devon catches you charming his wife? And how will Jack get the envelope out unseen? Jack still wants to know how Phyllis found out that Victor was setting them up – then guesses it’s Billy.

Back at Brash n Sassy, Vikki knew Travis was investigating the family. Victor was setting Travis up, Billy knows (after giving Natalie a few drinks) When Vikki tries to get back to business, Billy’d rather discuss Travis. Why do you care? Vikki wonders. Why do you think? Billy replies.