Friday, November 4th

Dylan’s with ‘Sully’ at the park. Whatever changes – I love you. Being your Dad’s been the greatest privilege of my life. Nothing’s set in stone – perhaps we can stay together. Hey, Paul takes a seat on the bench – how’s my precious grandson today?

Nick and Sharon are both at Underground looking for Nick (who’s not at the house either) Sharon gets voicemail again. And what happens when you find him? Chelsea wonders. Sharon’s not sure – maybe convince him to spare my family.

Nick’s at home unpacking baby stuff. Our son’s coming home, he tells a framed photo of him and Sage.

Abby joins her Dad as he leaves Chelsea a message (to schedule time with Connor) Any news on the new leak? Nope – and Abby has to wonder if Uncle Jack’s not responsible. Oh, he’s guilty alright and Victor’s just defending himself.

What the hell is this? Ashley’s horrified to find Phyllis down to her bra in Jack’s office. Both look busted.

Leaving the kids to shoot hoops, Cane limps over to the bench with Lily (who convinces him to have his knee checked out at the hospital)

On camera, Hilary talks about the devious Deacon Sharpe – let’s just call a snake a snake. Marian’s not pleased to overhear her words plagiarized – but Devon likes it. Worried about ratings, Hilary thinks there must be something juicy going on in this town. Mariah looks thoughtful.

Nick talks to the photo some more – he’s glad Sage died knowing the truth. Today I set things right.

Victor’s well aware that the IRS could crack down on him any minute – that’s why he’s launched phase two. Send him in, he orders on the phone. Abby leaves Victor to confront/threaten the infamous Curtis Fielding. He’s to ensure the Abbott’s don’t get away with this – or – have his life destroyed.

Scalding hot coffee? Ashley doesn’t see any signs that Phyllis was scalded. Shrugging quickly into the jacket Jack offers, Phyllis runs out – leaving Jack to insist it was an accident. As he buries the blue envelope on his desk, Ashley announces having a way to keep Brash n Sassy from blowing them out of the water.