Monday, November 7th

You’re home, Nick says (as Chelsea opens the tackhouse door) Tonight Christian will sleep in his own bed and hear stories about his Mom. If only she were here with us.

A devastated Dylan looks at Sully’s empty crib – then starts gathering everything into a box. Please don’t do this – this is his room, a weepy Sharon appears. Sully’s not coming back; he never existed, Dylan orders her back downstairs. Mom!? Faith can be heard crying out.

Hilary needs a graphic that pops – Newman Traitor Tells All. Mariah’s also to do up a bio on Fielding (nobody cares about him but it’ll show we did our homework) Devon arrives to hear he just missed the source of the new segment – Hilary can’t wait to see the ratings. They’ll be zero – because we’re not airing the interview, Devon knows it’ll tank GC Buzz if they do.

At CL’s, Chloe catches a frustrated Kevin leaving Mariah yet another message. She’s worried about this whole Nick, Sharon, Dylan fiasco, he informs. You know about the whole baby debacle? Who doesn’t at this point? Chloe quips. Me, Kevin frowns.

Kevin wants to know what the baby debacle is. Chloe was told in confidence (by Chelsea) You don’t want to know. OK, it’s bad, really bad for everyone involved – but there might be a happy ending, Chloe hopes.

As Nick fawns over Christian, Chelsea will leave Father and son time to bond. Nick wants her to say – so he doesn’t cry. Chelsea’s delighted that Nick’s holding his son – it’s a miracle. Overjoyed, Nick agrees – he has the rest of his life with his son.

Now downstairs, Faith asks what’s wrong? It’s complicated, Dylan gently explains that Sully isn’t who we thought he was. Who is he? He’s not our son – he’s your Dad and Sage’s. No, Christian died – we had a service! Faith is understandably confused/distressed. Sharon adds that Dr Anderson did a mean thing – tricked her into thinking the baby was hers. He’s my brother! Faith wails. He still is, Sharon explains that Christian will be living nearby, at Daddy’s. About to go upstairs, Faith pauses to ask her Mom a loaded question; when did you find out he’s not Sully?

Back at CL’s, Chloe updates Kevin – Sharon’s known for a long time – she didn’t say anything. Except to Mariah, Kevin realizes she was keeping her Mother’s secret. Sharon could go to jail for this. Sully’s the Police Chief’s grandson after all. Christian, Chloe corrects. With a ‘thanks’ and a quick kiss, Kevin runs out to find Mariah.