Tuesday, November 8th

Nick’s bonding with Christian when Nikki drops by. Hello Sully (she assumes Nick got roped into babysitting) No – he’s not babysitting – ‘he’ lives here now.

Paul gives Dylan a stuffed toy Sully left at the park the other day – I’m sure your son will want it. He’s not my son, Dylan replies simply.

In Victor’s office, Fielding is told their deal is off. But I did as instructed; I took full responsibility and told GC Buzz that the information was fake. Victor won’t be satisfied until the piece is aired – why hasn’t it?

At GC Buzz, Hilary is most interested in what she learns about Dr Anderson online.

Mariah bursts in to make sure the coast is clear – she needs to tell her Mom something in person. Hilary got a call at work; something about Dr Anderson and a baby. She’ll keep digging until she finds out and plasters it all over TV.

Hilary will turn this into a media circus, Sharon worries – she won’t care about an innocent little boy. We’re going to be invaded by the press by the end of the day. Mariah then asks how Dylan is – upset; he tried to get shared custody but Nick wasn’t having it. This is a nightmare – Dylan will never look at me the same way again, Sharon tears up.

Paul understands why Dylan didn’t tell him the other day at the park. Dylan was holding out hope. He struggles to wrap his head around Sully being Christian and Sharon lying for months. Every day I fell more in love with that little boy. He was mine, Dylan tells Paul – part of me died when I handed Sully to Nick. It’s all so raw – and Paul doubts Nick will cut Dylan out forever (though it makes sense now)

This is Christian? He’s been alive all this time? Nikki’s understandably stunned (baby in her lap) Nick’s only focus is bonding with his son. Nikki can’t help but feel bad for Dylan. Nick can’t be consumed with negativity (towards Sharon etc.) She’s suffered enough. She betrayed both my sons, Nikki will NOT stay out of this (and off she goes)

When Hilary arrives at the facility, the orderly assumes she’s her lawyer (which an excited Patty does too) I’m here to get your story out there, Hilary smiles.