Friday, November 11th

Vikki grumbles about Travis coming home drunk to accost Billy (who surprisingly sympathizes and thinks she’s being too hard on the guy)

This is a surprise but towel-clad Michelle isn’t sure Travis needs another drink. I’m glad you’re here, she closes the suite door after him.

At the office, Jack backs off a moment to look at Phyllis – then goes back to kissing her.

Hilary’s on the phone at GC Buzz (declining a job offer after her great story) My phone hasn’t stopped, she tells Devon that she’d been offered a morning spot on a #1 talk show. Now she needs to find another angle to the story. But first Hilary takes a call from Mike Patterson (a media mogul from Chicago) Devon’s not pleased.

Chelsea drops by the tackhouse – there’s a lot of press at the gate. Nick picks Christian up to blather on about banana/apple sauce. Chelsea’s brought a gift from Connor (home with Bella)

Still packing up baby toys, Sharon’s troubled that everyone thinks she’s a monster – I miss my son, she tells Mariah.

When Noah arrives, Mariah leaves them to talk. Sharon insists that she really did think Sully was hers. Dr Anderson had me so drugged up. Nobody sees me as a victim (she lists everyone who hates her) So, let me have it. Noah reports having defended his Mom. So you understand? Sharon’s relieved. No, but I want to – how could you do that to Dad?

Back at the tackhouse, Chelsea shares a memory of Connor playing ball with Adam. Nick thanks her for the (soft) baseball bat – and her support. Couldn’t have done this without you.

You come with a whole posse of formidable Newmans, Billy explains – your Father’s pastime is to make Travis’ life hell and then he comes home to find me here. And maybe Billy DOES look for reasons to come over – and maybe Travis is right about him trying to interfere. Finding fault with Travis might make Billy look a bit better. Travis isn’t a bad guy, Billy concludes.

Did somebody have a fight with his girlfriend? Michelle guesses. Travis whines about Vikki’s ex and Father. You and I only had to answer to each other. Keeping the rest of the world out is how it should be. Dropping the towel, Michelle says – we both know how it should be ~kiss~

That shouldn’t happen, Jack backs away and blames Phyllis (who reminds YOU kissed ME) It won’t happen again and there’s a way to make sure of that, Jack huffs.