Monday, November 14th

Nick and Chelsea have snuck Christian past the reporters and to the safety of CL’s. Ester’s so happy for Nick. They’re there for some cake (since Nick missed Christian’s first birthday) Uh oh – there’s a news alert from GC Buzz.

At the ranch, Nikki turns classical music down and interrupts Victor’s reading for the GC Buzz report – seems it’s Sharon’s turn. That damn woman, Victor grumbles.

Dylan’s at the station when Mariah’s call sends him running (much to Paul’s astonishment) I think I have some idea, Chris arrives.

Mariah and Devon watch on as Hilary introduces Sharon for an exclusive – there’s more to this saga than you ever thought possible, she teases her viewers. I’m not crazy or a monster, Sharon claims she’d have kept the secret forever – to protect her family.

Billy finds Jill in crisis mode at Brash n Sassy. He hardly thinks Jabot’s new app is reason to panic – and don’t bother calling Vikki. Billy doubts she’ll be answering her phone tonight.

Vikki overreacted when smelling alcohol on Travis (who understands, due to the kids) Let’s start over, she suggests – where were you when I called? (Vikki got the impression Travis wasn’t alone)

It doesn’t matter where I was. Travis would have felt miserable anywhere – he was out of line attacking Billy. He said I should go easy on you – that it’s not easy being an outsider, Vikki confides. You smell good ~hug~ new cologne?

Sharon admits she did something terrible – I kept a baby after learning he belonged to another family. Hilary’s sure being so candid will change people’s minds. Sharon hopes so. How and why did you keep such a huge secret? To Paul (and Chris’) horror, Patty’s painted as a blackmailer. Sharon was a victim (she talks of her bipolar disorder and Dr Anderson’s grudge against Nick) I miscarried but Nick’s wife was pregnant. Mind altering drugs were pumped into me and one night a baby was placed in my arms. I didn’t know he wasn’t mine. Sharon believed she’d given Dylan the greatest gift; fatherhood. Dylan arrives on the set to listen to Sharon’s weepy on-air confession.

Much to everyone’s surprise (and Hilary’s annoyance) Dylan yanks Sharon off camera.

Back at Brash n Sassy, Billy updates Jill on Cane’s injury – and that Vikki’s making up with Travis right now (partly thanks to him) Jill’s aghast – how can someone with my DNA be so stupid?!

Travis avoids sex by deciding to take Vikki out for a night on the town. Yes, just like that – put on your dancing shoes. As she goes to kiss the kids and inform the nanny, a guilty looking Travis puts his coat on.