Thursday, November 10th

As Phyllis talks about Jabot’s new app, Jack is mesmerized by her lips and is left looking unsettled. Reporter Selena McKay then drops by for an exclusive interview on the new app (but is more interested in seeing Phyllis leave Jack’s office) In the hallway, Phyllis asks Ashley if she’s doing the interview too. Ashley makes it clear that Phyllis isn’t welcome at Jabot or in Jack’s life.

Bartending at Underground, Noah’s also dealing with a nosy reporter. What’s it like knowing your Mom stole your Dad’s son? Noah gives a lecture on tabloid gossip. You want a comment? Get the hell out of here and stay away from my family!

Michelle claims she’s in town to visit Ashley. God, it’s good to see you, she tells Travis (at the park cafe)

Having lunched at the club, Vikki can’t help but be amused and charmed by Billy; a man she can’t help but keep marrying.

Jack’s done with you, Ashley’s determined to get Phyllis out of his life (and never wants to walk in on another convenient coffee spill again) Your assignment is to check on the Jabot Go app downloads. Happy to, Phyllis fakes a smile and exits.

Off the record, Jack tells Selena that Phyllis’ job is part of the divorce settlement. Ashley then arrives to pimp the new app and give Jack full credit for it.

Dropping by her Mom’s office, Summer’s not terribly interested in Jabot’s new app – she’s still reeling from the whole Nick/Christian thing. Let’s get out of here, Phyllis suggests.

Back at the park cafe, Michelle admits she knew Travis was in GC (she sent him flowers to NE after all) What we had wasn’t a casual fling – don’t pretend it was just sex. We loved each other. Are you going to deny it?

Billy annoys Vikki with his Christopher Walken impression – what’s got you so down? You deserve to be happy, always. Vikki gets a text – both our days are about to get a lot worse.

Travis sums it up – we had an affair and you went back to Henry (because of his money) I lost everything. Michelle’s sorry she hurt him – all she wanted was to be with Travis. Why is she here? Michelle’s leaving Henry (he found someone else) So, here I am. You came to GC because of me? Travis asks. I want you back, she admits (and no, not because he now has a great job at NE) Travis has a new life and is in love with an amazing woman – I won’t give that up.

At Brash n Sassy, Billy and Vikki try to calm Jill down (over the phone). While Cane’s recovering from surgery, they’ll come up with a strategy to counter Jabot’s new app (which Vikki likes) What are you doing? Thinking, Billy says (as he holds his phone at arms-length and stares at it)