Tuesday, November 15th

The ranch is decorated for Katherine’s party. She and Christian will have everything – including justice (seems Sharon spent the night in jail) Nikki worries what a trial would do to Faith and Dylan – they don’t deserve this. Victor thinks Dylan should confess – how could he (a detective) not have known. Nikki won’t throw away one son over the other. Sometimes there’s no choice, Victor growls.

At the station, Paul tells Dylan that Sharon’s a flight risk – the judge won’t forget that and neither should you.

In Paul’s office, Chris tells Sharon not to expect to go home – or too much of anything after what she did.

Paul cautions Dylan on conflict of interest – Victor will have sway over this (his son’s a victim) Sharon may not be home for a while.

Chris and Paul then touch base. He’s lost a grandson and doesn’t want to lose a son too.

Chelsea’s wrapping gifts at the penthouse – Chloe should come to the party too – please. Most Newman functions end in drama.

At the tackhouse, Nick packs Christian’s snacks – today will be a good day. Will Mom and Dylan be invited to the re-birthday? she wonders.

Vikki’s made extra strong coffee – since Travis tossed and turned all night. When the birthday girl runs down, Vikki takes her up to get ready for her party. Travis is left to answer the phone. Why are you answering Vikki’s phone? Abby wonders (Ashley beside her at CL’s)

Watching Michelle exit through the revolving door, Billy follows.

Chloe’s not keen on going to a party at Victor’s house – but is convinced by Chelsea (who can’t be too angry at Sharon – she did the same thing to Dylan) Maybe he’ll be able to stay in Christian’s life.

Told that Vikki’s busy getting Katherine ready, Abby informs Travis that she’ll bring cupcakes and them at the party. Updated that he and Vikki had a fight and then apparently made up, Ashley leaves CL’s – she’ll see Abby at the ranch later.

Billy manages to ‘accidentally’ bump into Michelle as she jogs through the park. Introductions made, Michelle’s pleased to meet Ashley’s brother. Is she in GC on business or pleasure? Why not both? she smiles.

Dylan and your Mom aren’t coming to the party today, Nick explains. No, Dylan didn’t do anything wrong but he probably wouldn’t want to come. We’re all taking things step by step. Surprised to find Dylan at the front door, Faith’s sent upstairs – so Dylan can ask Nick not to press charges against Sharon.