Wednesday, November 16th

**Sorry, no time for proofreading or spellcheck today**

Phyllis is surprised to find Traci at Jabot – she’s there to spend the holiday’s with her family (and has nothing to say about Phyllis and Jack – it’s none of my business)

On his phone at the club, Jack’s happy that the Jabot app will be featured on Sid’s network – Phyllis will be in touch to work out the details. She’s my ex-wife now, he updates (then hangs up to flash back to their recent kiss)

What were you thinking? Ashley scolds – Travis is living with a woman who has children with my brother. Do the right thing and walk away. Michelle can’t – there’s still sparks between her and Travis.

The party still on, Billy’s sure Travis is keeping Michelle a secret from Vikki (which IS his business)

Victor thinks that Sharon has some nerve crashing this party – he has sympathy for Dylan but NOT Sharon, he tells Nick.

Phyllis offers Traci coffee or tea (and her appreciation for not being vilified) She confides that Jack still cares but pretends he doesn’t. Happy to see his sister, Jack gives Traci a hug.

A lie by omission is still a lie, Billy points out. Travis has nothing to do with Michelle being in town. Vikki and I are in a good place. And you’d be an idiot to screw it up, Billy adds.

Nikki thinks that what Sharon did was despicable but if Nick wants Sharon here, she can stay. After Victor agrees and Sharon thanks her, Nikki makes it clear that it’s ONLY for her son’s sake – Dylan shouldn’t suffer for your sins! When Faith invites her Mom to come over and wish Christian Happy Birthday, Dylan prompts her to include Sharon.

Nice seeing you Traci, Phyllis leaves her and Jack to catch up in the office. She knows all about Billy and Phyllis affair from GC Buzz (and that Jack’s behind the GC Buzz leaks) When he insists there’s nothing left between him and Phyllis, Traci calls him a terrible liar.

Back in Michelle’s suite, Ashley doesn’t agree that Travis and Vikki are going through the motions – he’s with her today, not you. They’re working things out – he’s bonded with the kids. Get a cat if you’re lonely – go back to New York (where men will line up to date you) Michelle won’t go until Travis makes a decision. He already has, Ashley says as she leaves.

Today’s about Christian, Nick allows Dylan and Sharon to wish him a Happy Birthday. Jill whispers to Nikki and Victor – all wondering what Kay would think. She then goes to needle Billy about Vikki. He claims to just want what’s best for her. But no, he doesn’t think Travis is what’s best for Vikki. All then sing Happy Birthday to Katie, Christian and Vikki. As candles are blown out, Sharon stands aside and alone.