Tuesday, November 22nd

At the park, Jill again accuses Phyllis of chasing Billy. We were talking about Jack, Phyllis is sure Billy’s mending fences with his brother right now.

Jack and Billy shut off the TV to focus on their food, beer and the fact that Travis proposed to Vikki. Making a crack about Billy stealing another man’s wife, Jack turns the TV back on.

Vikki and Travis arrive with the kids (who run to give Grandpa a hug) As Victor ambles off to check on the stuffing, Travis feels snubbed. Summer reassures him – then takes Faith, Katie and Johnny off to the stables. As Travis helps Nikki with champagne, Abby notes Vikki’s ring finger is bare. Listing reasons why Travis is a good match, Vikki admits she’s afraid. Take a leap of faith, Abby advises.

And how did Billy know that Jack would be alone? Phyllis told him while they were doing ‘charity work’. My private life is none of her business! Jack scowls. She loves you, Billy informs. Was she telling you that when you were naked with her on the sofa? Give her a second chance, Billy implores.

Phyllis would love to be at the cabin with Jack but knows he doesn’t want her there. She hopes the brothers are mending their relationship – they need each other. On that, Jill agrees.

Victor and Nikki greet Nick, Chelsea and the kids. Victor quietly tells Nikki how pleased he is that Nick and Chelsea are finding comfort in each other (and Christian) Nikki’s sad that Dylan declined her offer. Victor’s not – it’d be awkward – he respects Dylan’s decision not to come.

Back at the penthouse, Mariah puts her foot in her mouth by mentioning that Sharon was in Fairview last Thanksgiving. Chloe’s stalling dinner until Ester arrives – enjoy the appetizers. As she takes Bella from Kevin, Mike remarks that they seem like a happy family. Aside, Lauren checks to see if Mariah’s OK with that. Oh yeah, she claims to be happy for Kevin. Sharon thanks Chris for dropping the charges – loving a child is not a crime. No, Chris agrees (and bites her tongue to leave it at that) Meanwhile, Dylan recognizes a teddy bear Nick must have dropped – I bought this for Sul … my son.

Hearing Sharon ask Mike about suing Nick for visitation, Dylan snaps – why not ask me first? After Mike excuses himself, all eyes are on Sharon; who ends up screeching at Dylan – we raised him for a year! Why shouldn’t we fight to keep him in our lives!? Sorry to upset everyone’s Thanksgiving, Dylan makes a hasty exit. All are stunned.

The Newman table is full. Victor’s delighted to have Connor on one knee, Christian on the other – you’ll be like brothers. He announces how happy he is (despite losing Adam and Sage) And now, it’s time for the ole ‘what are you grateful for’? Travis is grateful for Vikki; who announces that she’ll marry him. All are thrilled – except Victor.

Jack orders Billy out – he’s heard enough. Billy knows Jack loves Phyllis – and you’re the love of her life. Get over yourself and see what’s in front of you. I know someone who’d love to see you today, he says as he finally exits.

And I was so hoping this would be a good day for Dylan, Sharon laments – all I did was ask Mike about suing for visitation. Maybe you should have talked to your husband first, Paul snaps. Mariah tells Sharon not to go after Dylan – he’ll come back when he’s ready.