Monday, November 21st

At the estate, Jill informs Billy that they’re not having turkey – they’re going to serve the homeless (wearing aprons with the Brash n Sassy logo)

Summer’s fussing over her Mom (who declines joining her at Victor’s table for Thanksgiving) Abby happens along to predict that Phyllis plans to pack up her candied yams and crash Jack’s gathering.

Unpacking a box at the cabin, Jack pauses over Billy’s childhood painting of a turkey. Getting a call from Kyle, he updates the whole family’s coming to the cabin for Thanksgiving. Jack now drops Billy’s artwork and grimaces.

Who’s that at the Ashby’s door? Grandpa Neil and ‘Uncle’ Moses are loudly greeted – then it’s hugs for Cane (who’s recovering from surgery on the couch)

On the CL’s patio, Devon reminds Hilary and Mariah that they’re balancing out the gossip stories with some holiday cheer. This is what we wanted GC Buzz to be, Devon adds. People just want juicy stories, Hilary knows. It’s our job to make them want more, Devon cajoles.

Summer scolds Abby (who reiterates that Phyllis will use this holiday to worm her way back into Jack’s life) Nope – Phyllis is feeding the homeless at CL’s. With Traci home sick, Ashley out of town and Billy not likely to show, Abby hopes Summer will join her at Jack’s table.

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This is charity, Jill insists. No, this is a self-serving publicity stunt. Billy’s not going unless the aprons are left behind. Jill plans to hand out BnS toiletries with the food. Cane’s off, Collin’s flight’s delayed – maybe Billy should invite Vikki and the kids. She’s spending Thanksgiving with her soon to be fiance, Billy stuns Jill.

Sending Mariah and the cameraman ahead to start filming, Hilary does some more complaining. OK, she’s uncomfortable interviewing poor people. She then strolls in to chat with Phyllis and Ester (who thinks being on the news will help donations) Still looking for a story, Hilary asks Phyllis when she last saw Billy.

Billy explains – Travis proposed yesterday – Vikki hasn’t said yes yet. Tired of trying to convince Jill that he’s happy to watch football, he grabs a box of aprons and walks out. Looks like the homeless will be used as PR after all.

Jack’s delighted when Abby and Summer arrive (even though they’ll be the only guests) Checking on the turkey, Summer finds it cold; something must be wrong with the oven. No worries – Abby decides they’ll deep fry the bird.

Over at the Ashby gathering, Cane wants to go help out at CL’s later. Standing up too quickly, Cane’s helped back down by Lily and Neil.