Tuesday, November 22nd

Vikki hopes Travis doesn’t mind her accepting his proposal in front of the whole family. No – it’s his new favourite tradition. Victor remarks that it’s tradition to ask a Father for his daughter’s hand. With all due respect, Travis thinks that old fashioned – I wanted to marry Vikki, not you. All force a chuckle.

Phyllis is surprised when Jack strolls through the park. You shouldn’t have sent Billy to the cabin, he remarks and is about to go on his way when Phyllis asks if he’d like to come back to CL’s and help. Yes, he’d like that.

Behind the counter with Phyllis, Jack chats with the homeless he’s serving desserts to. All are smiling – especially Jill from across the room.

Sharon insists on going home to wait for Dylan. Hugging Mariah, she wishes all a Happy Thanksgiving then takes Chloe aside to ask a favour – talk to Chelsea about persuading Nick to let us spend time with Christian. Emotions are really raw right now – but Chloe reluctantly agrees to do what she can.

When Billy arrives to pick up the kids, they tell him ‘Mommy’s getting married’ as Vikki’s about to update Billy. You’re a lucky man – I’m happy for you both, Billy lies effectively and leaves. Dylan appears before the front door closes asking to speak to Nick. I’m suing you for visitation, he announces.

Next: You asked me if you could win, Mike tells Dylan – The answer’s yes but your chances would be a helluva lot better without your wife … Husbands come and go you know. I’m here to stay, Victor warns Travis … Vikki informs Jill and Billy that Travis wants to get married sooner rather than later. We’re thinking around Christmas.

My Thoughts: Why is the only alcoholic at the ranch pouring everyone’s champagne? … Wow – so many Brussel sprouts Sharon – must be 1.5 for every guest at the penthouse …. Why does Jack get to invite, disinvite and throw everyone out of the cabin? Wasn’t the ‘Abbott family cabin’ left to all of John’s kids equally? And they might not show the exterior shots anymore – but we all remember it’s supposed to be a large lodge, not a shack with a mini fridge basically in the living room! It’s more like a motel room …. Where does CL’s do all it’s cooking? They don’t even have a full kitchen … Does Sharon have any fans left? The writers have done nothing but pull the character down lower and lower for about a decade now. They don’t even try to blame it on her biploar disorder anymore. The Sharon vs Phyllis wars were once epic. Now it seems no one cares enough to defend either (not that I mind) Kudos to Sharon Case – she was quite comical wearing an apron and making faces behind Nikki. Is Nikki calling Sharon a ‘kidnapper’ supposed to be an insult? Ouch – what next? ‘arsonist’? adultress? … All this talk of family being together for the holidays yet here’s a few names you might not even recognize; Eden, Heather, Gloria, Scotty, Casey … Nikki would ‘never choose between her sons’? Of course not – she didn’t even remember she had two for 40+ years …. Did Nick really have to unbuckle Christian, take him out of his carseat and lug him up to the penthouse – just to walk Chelsea out her front door? Like he couldn’t call to say ‘hey, I just pulled up in front of the building?’ …. Billy arrives telling Jack that his ‘shindig’ is missing the two Abbott sisters who can cook. Is he talking about Traci and Ashley? I’ve never seen Ashley cook – and while Traci clearly is no stranger to the kitchen, the only thing I remember her putting in the oven was her head when Danny Romaloti rejected her.