Tuesday, November 22nd

Dylan’s just home to change then heading back to the station (you told me to get out – remember?) Sharon’s so sorry – it’s a miracle Dylan hasn’t walked away. I can’t lose you too – can you forgive me? Happy Thanksgiving, Dylan says (but doesn’t look happy as Sharon hugs him) Nikki arrives to hug Dylan and hiss a Hello at Sharon. She invites Dylan ONLY to the main house for Thanksgiving. Sharon is to stay away from her family!

Jill chases Phyllis through the park to again lambaste her over Billy. He’s my past – Jack’s my future. Jill’s not buying the ‘act’.

Billy’s brought Jack some food – you gonna let me in?

Packing the kids up to head over to the ranch, Travis quietly asks Vikki about his proposal – what’s on your mind?

Mike and Lauren arrive at the penthouse. Chloe and Kevin are hosting the Williams as well as Dylan and Sharon (who should be coming soon) When Nick arrives (with Christian) all seem surprised to hear that Chelsea (carrying Connor) is off to the Newman’s.

Victor maintains his smile for Abby, Summer and Faith – even upon hearing that his pies were eaten at Jack’s.

Sharon and Nikki go toe to toe over where Dylan should spend his Thanksgiving. I’m here for you today and every day, Nikki again turns her back on Sharon to address Dylan (who Sharon knows she’ll turn her back on to side with Nick) We’re going to Chloe’s – where people will be happy to see us. Victor won’t want you anywhere near his new heir, Sharon tells Dylan before marching upstairs.

Dylan’s not making excuses for Sharon – but he’s not going to the main house. Exchanging I love you’s and a hug, Nikki leaves. All clear, he tells Sharon he can’t go to the ranch. But as Sharon goes to check on her Brussel sprouts, he doesn’t look too happy about going to the penthouse either.

Oh how happy Victor is to be spending Thanksgiving with his favourite girls. Faith pouts – does my Mom know I love her even though I want to live with Daddy? Of course, Victor assures – but your Daddy and brother need your big heart right now.

Vikki loves Travis but this is a big decision – I just need some time. Travis won’t push (but is visibly disappointed)

Jack and Billy joke and agree that Abbott’s shouldn’t be anywhere near a kitchen – but there it ends. Jack wants Billy to leave. Instead, he opens a beer and plops down to watch the game.

As Chelsea explains to Chloe that Connor should be with his family, Mariah arrives (and is surprised to see Nick and Christian) As they’re about to exit, Dylan and Sharon appear in the doorway. Awkward.

Inside, Sharon greets ‘Sully’…. oops, sorry – Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, Nick returns as he quickly leaves with Chelsea (and the kids) That was the hard part, Chloe chirps – it’s all good now. Mike and Kevin go for wine. Paul and Chris chat with Dylan; who’s staying positive. Aside, Sharon’s thankful to have one friend; Chloe.