Friday, November 25th

Back at the office, Vikki reports that she didn’t find a dress. Jill wastes no time mentioning Travis (SHE didn’t promise not to say anything) What is this about Travis!? What do you know that I don’t? Vikki grills Billy.

Be prepared (for this to get ugly) Leslie warns in parting. Nick’s left to chat with Victor (whom he now understands a bit better; about protecting family) Maybe you got it right more than you got it wrong. That means a lot to Victor – family is the only thing worth fighting for.

At the front door, Mike respects and admires Dylan’s decision – but it won’t make his job any easier (not distancing himself from Sharon) Maybe someone Nick trusts will talk some sense into him, Dylan hopes.

Sharon hides when Chelsea comes home to ask how Christian is. And as she and Chloe gush over the playpen, Chelsea hears the front door close. At first claiming no one was there, Chloe’s forced to fess up.

At the club, Mike declines joining Victor for lunch – he’s meeting Lauren. Victor then offers some advice – and a warning – defending Dylan and Sharon is a lost cause. Victor won’t allow them to take Christian away from Nick.

Coming home, Sharon lets Dylan believe she was off handling a work crisis. How’d it go with Mike? We’re all on the same page, Dylan claims – it won’t be easy but we’ll fight to keep that little boy in our lives. We’re gonna win ~hug~

It gets worse, Chloe didn’t just allow Sharon to see Christian – she INVITED her over (and would do it again for the heartbroken Sharon) Frustrated, Chelsea lets Nick in. No, Christian didn’t cause any trouble. It couldn’t have gone any better.

It’s not Billy’s news to tell (but he does anyway) Travis quit NE and wants to work here. Vikki’s frustrated – there’s always something he’s not telling me. What else is there? Talk to Travis, Billy says ominously. Vikki looks troubled.

Next: Sharon never acted out of malice, Dylan tells the court/Nick. I hope you can forgive her so we can do what’s best for this little boy … Jill orders Billy – don’t you DARE let Vikki walk down that aisle without telling her! … I can’t keep quiet about this anymore Vic, Billy says (to a wide-eyed Vikki at the courthouse)