Monday, November 28th

At home, Sharon wonders if her outfit will project ‘maternal’. Dylan says they just need to speak from their hearts. It was so hard leaving him the other day at Chelsea’s, Sharon slips (which is news to Dylan)

Chloe hopes Nick will allow Dylan and Chelsea be part of Christian’s life – a child can never have too much love. Heading off to court to support Nick, Chelsea thinks that a lovely sentiment but is still pissed about Sharon’s visit (and being forced to lie to Nick by not telling him)

At the club, Victor promises Nick that no Judge will allow Dylan and Sharon visitation. Ain’t gonna happen. What did you do? Nick asks.

Coming down the staircase, Hilary has no interest in equipment upgrades at GC Buzz. Her only focus is today’s brother vs brother court battle. There’s an innocent boy in the middle of this, Devon reminds. Agreeing that the story doesn’t need to be sensationalized, Hilary claims she forgot her notes. Devon sent ahead, Hilary turns her phone’s recorder on and accosts Nikki as she arrives at the club – who’s side are you on? Dylan’s or Nick’s?

Don’t overdue it, Lily warns as she leaves Cane on the couch. Calling Jill, he’s alarmed to hear that she’s interviewing Travis. I’d never give your job to anyone, she assures and hangs up a little too quickly for Cane’s liking.

Arriving at BnS, Vikki fusses over Travis and with a good luck kiss sends him in to see Jill. Billy obviously not impressed, Vikki now guesses his speech on giving Travis a second chance was insincere.

At the courthouse, Kevin chats with Mike (but is there to support Mariah) She updates that Devon’s trying to keep a lid on Hilary’s coverage of the case. Never mind conflict of interest, Mike’s sure there will be conflict.

Dylan’s frustrated that Sharon’s sneaking around behind Nick’s back to see Christian. This is why Mike thinks I’d have a better chance on my own. You’d get to see Christian without me? Sharon frowns(her turn to be surprised)

Chloe doesn’t see the harm in letting Sharon see Christian – you’re not trying to see her side. No, Chelsea’s not (she’s on Nick’s side) Chloe’s sorry (not sorry) Sharon loves that little boy. He’s Nick’s son, Chelsea reminds – it’s not up to you or me. Right, so don’t feel guilty – what Nick doesn’t know won’t hurt him, Chloe concludes.

Hilary can’t begin to imagine how Nikki must feel – her sons fighting over a child they both love. My sons were both victimized by Sharon, Nikki hisses ‘good day’ and clip clops over to Nick and Victor’s table. Bickering with Victor and claiming she’s NOT taking Dylan’s side, she then appeals to Nick – Dylan shouldn’t have to suffer because of Sharon’s lies.