Friday, November 25th

Well hello! Chelsea greets Nick and Christian as she opens her door. She’d hoped Dylan would realize that suing Nick for visitation is a bad idea. Nick had hoped so too – after all the time he’s lost, he can’t take a chance on losing anymore with Christian.

At home, the silence is deafening. Sharon talks about how much she misses Sully – and Faith. Dylan’s going into work late – Mike’s dropping by. I want to sue for visitation of Christian, he announces.

Jill’s thrilled to find Vikki and Billy working side by side together at Brash n Sassy – until she sees the engagement ring on Vikki’s finger. Congratulations, Jill says (only because it’s considered ‘very bad luck’ for the bride)

In Victor’s office, Travis learns he’ll be heading to London soon. No, that won’t spoil his wedding plans or his mood (‘keep trying’) Feeling cocky huh? Victor again complains about not being asked for Vikki’s hand in marriage. Husbands come and go- I’m her Dad – I’m here to stay, he warns.

Yeah, Sharon IS surprised (based on Dylan’s reaction to her asking Mike about suing) He’s done a lot of thinking – we were that baby’s family; a huge part of his life. It’s not fair that we get cut out. So Dylan went to the ranch to tell Nick. Sharon’s pleased – we’re in this together.

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea is sure the court won’t force Nick to share custody of the son who was kept from him. After Nick leaves, Chloe comes down to learn that Chelsea’s babysitting while Nick sees his lawyer. Sharon mentioned visitation – what’s the big deal in them spending time together? Chelsea’s about to disagree when reminded that she has an appointment. No need to take Christian – Chloe has no problem babysitting him.

Travis expects Victor to trust him and Vikki to find their own happiness without interference. As his boss and future Father in law, Victor points out Travis’ lack of judgment; personal and professional. OK, Travis can cross one of those off the list – I quit.

Jill believes in long engagements. Well, Travis wants to get married sooner rather than later, Vikki informs that they’re thinking about Christmas. In fact, she’s off to meet with Chelsea to try on dresses – bye. That leaves Jill to hiss at Billy that she won’t ‘drop it’ – she’s just getting started.

Vikki’s her own woman who makes her own choices, Billy tells Jill to move on – the kids are happy – they’re in a good place. Jill will never believe that – is Travis the right man for Vikki? She demands the truth – this doesn’t feel right. Jill then guesses that Billy knows something about Travis – what is it?!

At the studio, in a wedding gown, Vikki’s OK with simple – she doesn’t want her dress to make a statement. She’s just not feeling anything – and complaining to Chelsea about Jill, Vikki realizes she’s lost her ring.