Monday, December 5th

Victor drops by the tackhouse (security told him Christian was taken to hospital in an ambulance) He and Nikki would have gone to GCM. Just as well, Nick doesn’t think that would have been a good idea. Why? Who was there? Nick asks.

Dylan comes back from his run to complain about being ‘famous’ (thanks to Hilary’s butchered interview) Nice that they got to see Christian at least. Faith comes down to say she doesn’t want breakfast – she wants to go back to her Dad’s.

Cane thanks Ben for fitting him in – he’s anxious to go back to work. Lily asks if Cane could do more damage to his knee if he pushes himself. After Ben leaves, Cane scolds her – why is she pushing it?

Travis is at the club on his phone – confirming his flowers were sent to Vikki’s office. Abby comes by to call him a jerk.

Billy and Vikki find the office filled with flowers. He’s not giving up easily, Billy’s gotta hand it to Travis. Vikki reads then rips up Travis’ card.

Abby doubts flowers will change Vikki’s mind (she blasts him for sleeping with his ex) But Travis thought Vikki was done with him. He messed up but will win back the woman he loves. Good luck, Abby walks off.

After all the flowers are gone, Vikki’s ready to get to work with Billy.

Sharon hoped to bake cookies with Faith (who wants to go see Christian) After Dylan and Sharon reassure Faith it’s not her fault, she decides to go back to the regular schedule with her Dad and will give Christian a hug for them. Mike arrives to wonder what Faith means by Christian being OK.

Victor worries Nick set a precedent by letting the McAvoys see Christian and why didn’t Sharon tell him about the allergy? Nick’s now more committed to winning his case – they can’t get visitation. Victor’s happy to hear it but there may be a problem.

Updated on Christian, Mike gripes about Dylan giving GC Buzz an interview and hopes Sharon’s divorce idea is off the table. It is. He’s also not impressed that they went to the hospital – but Nick letting them see Christian may give them an opportunity.

Leslie’s now at the tackhouse with Victor and Nick (who relays letting the McAvoys see Christian). They could use this incident to say I’m negligent, Nick worries.

The Ashby’s leave GCM bickering about Cane rushing his recovery. Even Billy thinks he’s rushing it. That’s because he wants to be alone with Vikki, Cane sends Lily clip-clopping off when he pulls out his phone to call a cab.