Friday, December 2nd

A furious Mariah confronts Hilary for reneging on their deal. I just made it more watchable, Hilary claims. Forced to watch both versions of Dylan’s interview (one praising Sharon, the other not) Hilary all but shrugs – that’s the way it works – I’m the boss.

Getting off GCM’s elevator, Nick and Chelsea bump into the McAvoy’s – Stitch is in with Christian. Hearing he suddenly got a rash, they wonder if he ate strawberries. That sets Nick off – my son has food allergies and you two didn’t tell me!?

Chloe’s surprised alright (to find Kevin packing her stuff at the penthouse) You went through my closet!? she snaps.

The pediatrician just told us to watch for it – the McAvoy’s aren’t sure Christian’s allergic to strawberries. Nick should have asked. No, they should have told him. Faith called me, Sharon informs – then is alarmed to see Leah (who apologizes) All then flock to Stitch – Christian’s recovering. Tests are being conducted. Given the OK, Nick goes in to fuss over Christian (the McAvoy’s relegated to watching through the window)

While Leah’s sent home with a warning to lawyer up if she takes this to GC Buzz, Nick’s still in with Christian. Sharon appeals to Chelsea – we’d like to see him too. You’re already in violation of the restraining order, Chelsea doesn’t think they should push Nick.

Hilary stuck to the agreement – she let Dylan tell his story; these are HIS words. Twisted into a lie! Mariah’s more than ‘disappointed’. There are innocent children involved! This is out of line and you know it! When Hilary refuses and uploads her version, Mariah gives her a shove (as Devon races over)

Going through boxes, Chloe sees this as an invasion of her privacy. Kevin doesn’t get it – then he does – there’s something in your closet you don’t want me to find – about Bella’s Father.

Kevin wonders what Chloe’s hiding from him; photos? A birth certificate? Maybe we jumped the gun. Kevin’s not sure Chloe wants a future with him. If not, tell me now.

Devon scolds Mariah – then Hilary. The truth was a snoozefest, Hilary’s unapologetic. And she also knows Mariah’s only on staff to be her watchdog.

Chelsea and Dylan try to calm Sharon down – don’t barge in there. Faith then runs into her Mom’s arms to apologize; she didn’t see the strawberries in the bowl. It’s not your fault, it was an accident, Sharon reassures. Stitch then brings Nick out to tell the group that they must be vigilant when it comes to strawberries. Christian will be under observation a bit longer. When Nick takes Faith (and Chelsea) in, Stitch blocks the McAvoys – sorry, immediate family only.

Kevin won’t let Chloe joke her way out of this. He could (but would never) find out who Bella’s Father is (via computer) What is it? Tell me – I can handle it. OK, Chloe will tell him….

Hilary confronts Devon for having Mariah monitor her (you’re a lousy spy by the way) Asking for a moment alone with Hilary, Devon accuses her of ruining people’s lives on purpose.

On the balcony, Mariah leaves a message for Dylan – call me when you get this.

Chelsea’s not family, Sharon argues. She doesn’t have a restraining order and Nick invited her in, Stitch points out. If he could pull strings, he would. Sharon just wants to see Christian – she can soothe him better than Nick. This is SO wrong! Stitch warns the McAvoy’s not to push Nick – it won’t end well.