Thursday, December 8th

At the design studio, Lauren wants them to sell the new line exclusively at Fenmore’s. Surprised, Chloe and Chelsea wonder ‘what’s in it for us’?

Jessie’s surprised Cane’s not in pain – did you take a pain pill? Yes – but Cane won’t get addicted, don’t worry about it (he takes the pills from Jessie and throws them in the trash) Now it’s time to bring on the pain (massage)

Neil arrives to ask Lily if they can hold the Foundation’s New Year’s eve event at the club. Sorry, it’s booked. That’s OK – Neil has the perfect host in mind and just hopes she says Yes. Lily wonders who it is.

Sharon gripes about what people are saying about her online. GC Buzz wasn’t supposed to be mean-spirited but Mariah knows Hilary would do anything for ratings. Yes, I’m still me, Sharon leaves in a good mood – call you later. Devon then arrives to ask Mariah to come back to GC Buzz – Hilary’s contract has been terminated. You fired your own wife? Mariah’s surprised.

Flipping out and punching something won’t help, Dylan points out. No, but Paul wants him to talk. I’m here for you – so’s Nikki. She has other priorities – I’m not a Newman. Nick won. I’m fine, Dylan insists. Let us help you, Paul implores. You’re worried about what I might do, Dylan guesses.

Dylan explains that things are different from when he lost Connor. He has Sharon, Faith, Mariah – Paul and his job. Dylan might not be a Dad but he’s a cop. He’s lucky to go home to his wife. OK then, Paul agrees to get to work (but leaves when Mike drops by) Dylan wants to get some answers from the Judge (since he can’t get a new ruling)

Back at the design studio, Lauren raves about Chelsea’s brand; made for women by women. Lauren feels like the Godmother of Chelsea 2.0 (since selling Chelsea’s first design) Indicating that she’ll think about it, Chelsea must get back to work now. Faking a smile, Lauren looks disappointed as the elevator doors close.

Agreeing Underground might be a good venue, Neil calls Hilary over to ask if she’ll host the event (much to Lily’s chagrin) Shes bursts into laughter when realizing that Devon fired Hilary. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Mariah jokes about what Hilary might do to Devon when she finds out he wants her back at GC Buzz. Not only does he want Mariah back – he wants her to host the show.