Friday, December 9th

Chelsea 2.0 is a whirlwind of activity as Sharon, Chelsea and Chloe prepare to go live on GC Buzz (and I’m busy too so no time to proofread or spellcheck)

Devon praises Mariah on a great job. Keep Buzzin’ GC was MY line, Hilary comes over to snarl. Now it’s Mariah’s, Devon thinks she’s a natural. How hard can it be? You do it every day, Mariah doesn’t think there’s ‘more to it’ – but is alarmed to hear she’ll be on air live today.

When Summer drops by the tackhouse with a stocking for Christian, Nick’s soon running up to tend to his crying son. And oh no, Faith has a book report due tomorrow and she hasn’t finished the book yet. We’ve got this, Summer assures her Dad.

Ashley tells Jack that the JabotGo app is being downloaded so much they’ll need to add more servers (which can go in Phyllis’ office) Jack thinks that might work – he made it clear there was no chance of reconciliation. Phyllis won’t be around much longer.

Mike finds Phyllis crying in the park. Jack and I are over, she leans on her pal’s shoulder.

Christian now quite, Faith up reading her book, Summer and Nick catch up. Mom is in a weird mood – something may have happened with Jack. Summer’s worried about her.

You made a mistake – love conquers all, Mike’s encouraging. The kiss Jack gave me was more final than words could ever be, Phyllis mopes.

GC Buzz has a huge following – this is the best brand exposure ever. Hilary can pull off anything, Chelsea gushes. Except the truth, Sharon mutters. Both she and Chloe assure Chelsea that she can be professional. And with a ‘ready to slay’ fist bump, they head off to the studio.

Hilary struts about like she’s on a catwalk – that’s how it’s done. Mariah’s quite capable of putting one foot in front of the other. In 4 in platforms? Hilary warns Devon that it’ll be a disaster. Show be confident – show me sexy, Hilary barks at Mariah until Devon interrupts to say that the host doesn’t have to model. Continuing to predict an epic failure, Hilary thinks Mariah should just walk away now.

This is ridiculous, Hilary stomps off when Devon won’t change his mind. Arriving to hear the news, Sharon now knows why Hilary’s glaring at Mariah.

Back in Jack’s office, Ashley plans to make the next version of the app better. Programmer Ravi arrives to be introduced to Jack. The young, Indian nerd is clearly enamored with Ashley (much to Jack’s amusement)

Mariah assures the Chelsea 2.0 team that she’s ready to model but isn’t happy when Sharon shows her the shoes she’ll wear (I’m afraid of heights!)