Thursday, December 8th

Neither Sharon or Dylan slept well last night – thinking of Christian. And neither are happy when Mariah arrives. Hilary screwed all of us, she says (when blamed for Dylan’s interview)

In their suite, Hilary and Devon had a good night’s sleep. We always put our marriage first, Hilary kisses him (and Devon’s towel drops)

The Baldwin’s chuckle as they do their ‘walk of shame’ down the club’s stairs. But Mike can tell something is wrong with Lauren.

At the design studio, Chelsea’s grateful that Hilary’s giving them a huge platform. Chloe not so much and assumes Chelsea thinks she’ll ruin the show by going after Hilary (because she’s on Sharon’s ‘side’)

Lily’s off to work – Cane’s waiting for his physical therapist; who Lily assumes is a man until she opens the front door and gets an eyeful of Jessie.

Now at the bar for lattes, Mike asks Lauren about the call she got from the bank (or the dozen other calls) Business not going as well as you’d like? It’s just the season – no, Fenmore’s isn’t in the red. Mike knows it’s not just about profit for Lauren; it’s her Father’s legacy and the employees who depend on her. Lauren’s been thinking of her Dad a lot; he turned one store into something so big. Mike gives Lauren credit for expanding Fenmore’s – you’ll figure it out. Lauren already has.

Mariah explains how Hilary edited Dylan’s interview while she was out getting dinner. I quit. Neither Dylan or Sharon blame Mariah. We all got conned. Sharon rants about Hilary inflicting pain on everyone.

Chelsea notes that Chloe isn’t the best at keeping her opinions and feelings to herself – plus she doesn’t have the best track record with fashion shows. For the record, Chloe can suck it up – she watched GC Buzz last (which they both enjoyed) Chloe misses this – I miss ‘us’.

Hilary needs to get to the station – we’re launching Chelsea’s new line today. Uh no, you’re still fired, Devon stuns his wife.

Jessie puts Cane through his exercises then straps a gadget to his knee that’ll ‘fire up his muscles’. You’re quite the charmer, she smiles. Both are flirtatious.

Yes, we had an amazing night, Devon agrees – but he didn’t fire Hilary for no reason. He needs to find someone positive and upbeat on-air. But Hilary’s planning a feel-good segment with Chelsea’s line – we can’t just drop it. You no longer host GC Buzz, Devon will find someone else. I love you, he gives Hilary a kiss and leaves her to fume.

Mariah reassures Sharon that Noah and Faith will come around. Everything you do is done out of love. You protect all of us – you were Christian’s whole world for a year – he feels that and that makes him the luckiest kid in the world ~hug~

Paul asks Dylan to shut his office door – how are you feeling? Dylan’s positive – he and Sharon will find a way to move on. Paul’s impressed that she was willing to give him up so he could be with Christian and can’t imagine what the ‘stoic’ Dylan must be going through.