Thursday, December 8th

Me? On TV? Yes – Devon thinks Mariah smart, witty and has a knack for human interest stories. You can do this. Mariah doesn’t even take selfies, why would she want to be on TV. OK, how about doing it just for today (launching Chelsea’s new line)?

Hilary claims that she and Devon have some creative differences. She’ll be more than happy to host the Foundation’s benefit. Now alone with Neil, Lily salivates at the thought of Devon divorcing Hilary.

At the bar, Paul mentions Lauren’s anniversary. No, the groom’s not here and Lauren’s drink is for liquid courage not celebration.

In pain, Cane slowly rolls over and sits up – thanks for stopping. Again warned about prescription painkillers, Jessie Cane looks at the bottle in the trash as she packs up.

Dylan needs to understand why the Judge ruled against him and Sharon. It’s a complicated case, Mike adds that one of the parties withheld the truth. Maybe we SHOULD have told the Judge that Christian ended up in the hospital, Dylan says. Mike thinks neither him or Nick are asking the right question.

Sharon’s not at the studio to discuss her personal life – she’s there to work. I have something to offer. Do I have a job here? Looking at Chloe, Chelsea hands Sharon a dress to be steamed.

Nick’s a good Dad. And you’re a good man, be proud of that, Mike tells Dylan in parting. You have your decency.

Now seated at a table, Lauren confides in Paul (basically online shopping is crushing her) She’s met with Phyllis and Chelsea but nothing’s locked in yet. Mike doesn’t need to be worried about this. Lauren’s sure sales will pick up.

Lily comes home to laugh at Cane for only crying twice during his physical therapy. She has great news – Devon fired Hilary.

Hilary hides, scowling, as Devon praises Mariah as she practices her intro to GC Buzz (for the 7th time)

Next: Is this the best place for you? Nick wonders. Jack’s office is just down the hall. Way ahead of ya, Phyllis grins … Are we ready to slay? Chloe leads Chelsea and Sharon in a fist bump…. It will be a disaster, Hilary assures Mariah – I suggest you just walk away now.