Monday, December 12th

Nick and Faith gape at their TV – the GC Buzz staff gape at the floor – where Mariah lays like a rug. Faith hopes Mariah was supposed to fall. Joining Kev and Summer at CL’s, Abby hears that Mariah just fell flat on her face on live TV. Like Faith, they wonder if she did it on purpose (as part of the show)

Chloe tells the cameras to keep rolling and all watch as Mariah picks herself up and manages to end the segment – keep buzzin’ GC.

Cane welcomes his beautiful wife home – he feels so alive. Yes, he worked out again – back to back sessions. Jessica has these hands – they feel like magic when they touch my body. Oh – OK, Lily works to keep her smile in place.

All fuss over Mariah (who assures Sharon she’s fine) Chelsea takes the mic – Chloe and Devon update Mariah on her fall. Hilary doubts anyone watched (which doesn’t make Mariah feel any better)

Hilary agrees with Sharon – this wasn’t Mariah’s fault. This is the big league – everyone who saw you hit the floor like a dead cockroach will forget – eventually. Devon’s proud that Mariah finished like a pro. The Chelsea 2.0 team also reassure Mariah (but Hilary notes the ruined shoes cost more than Mariah makes in a month – sorting mail)

Back at CL’s, Abby wonders (to Summer) who thought it was a good idea for Mariah to model on live TV? At least she finished the show – even if she was a bit loopy. As Kevin leaves to check on Mariah, Abby’s phone beeps (looks like the online trolls have picked it up; which seems to amuse Abby immensely)

Nick reassures Faith that her big sister’s OK. No, we shouldn’t go down there – but you can give her a call.

Sharon tries but fails to convince Mariah to go to GCM. She then takes Faith’s call – Mariah’s fine and coming home – you can see for yourself. Chloe goes for humour – not like Mariah was committed to a mental facility. Amirite? (she asks Sharon) Devon takes Hilary aside for a ‘talk – right now’. Chelsea can’t shrug it off like Chloe – my new line is now a punch line.

Cane raves about Jessie’s magical hands working his lower extremities. His feet even (which are ticklish when Lily touches them) You’re such a jerk, Lily suspects Cane’s deliberately trying to get a rise out of her. Next time Jessie comes over we’re doing deep muscle stimulation, Cane announces. Lily marches off to turn the shower on – it’s for me, not you. Did I say something? Cane pretends to be baffled.

Kevin doesn’t appreciate Abby and Summer chuckling about the looped video of Mariah tripping.

I face planted on national TV, Mariah moans to Sharon (now home) It’s out there for the whole world to see – forever. Mariah then freaks out about her black eye and swelling nose. Faith arrives – you were unforgettable – how did you land right on your face? Mariah could really use (and gets) a hug.