Tuesday, December 13th

Today’s spoiler comes courtesy of my daughter Riley. I read the first line and figured – meh, how bad can it be? Thank you Riley. Hi from sunny Florida. I will bring you something nice.

Mariah examines the bruises engulfing her face in a mirror, disappointed with the lack of healing overnight. Sharon offers to do her makeup for her, but Mariah suggests that maybe a paper bag would be more suitable to cover up her bruises. However Sharon insists and advises Mariah not to surf the Internet until everything has boiled over. Dylan and Faith unknowingly walk into the room, overhearing Mariah express her embarrassment. Dylan whispers something into Faith’s ear, then pretends to fall down, in hopes of putting a smile on Mariah’s face. Mariah and Sharon flinch from the fall and Mariah is displeased at Dylan’s attempts. Faith teaches her that everyone falls down.

Lily and Devon discuss who would be a better host: Hilary or Mariah. Between Hilary’s trash talking and Mariah’s clumsiness, the two are undecided.

Jack approaches an exhausted Hilary, sipping on what must be her third or fourth coffee of the day. Hilary highlights the GC Buzz talk about Mariah’s “heroism” from her fall on National TV, asking Jack if that’s how low they’ve set the bar. She also relives how embarrassing it is that her husband fired her for being unable to control her, and is yet to come crawling back after Mariah’s fall.

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Nikki and Victor walk into their house, arms full of Christmas gifts. Just after settling in, Nick visits with Christian, asking if they can watch him while he goes to the Underground. Victor, being himself, says that Nick would be better off working at Newman Enterprises: better hours, more time with his kids.

Mariah, Sharon, Dylan and Faith set up a board game, continuing their chat about making mistakes. Mariah calls them out for planning Dylan’s fall but Faith says it was to put a smile on her face. Faith leaves with Mariah to find her horse riding pants, leaving Sharon and Dylan. Before Dylan leaves, Sharon asks if he wouldn’t mind bringing Faith to her lesson, still wary of Nikki. Unfortunately he can’t, so she is left to face Nikki on her own. From upstairs Faith shrieks, sending Sharon into a frenzy. Faith races down with her iPod elated to see that Mariah is trending online due to positive comments, in contrast with the negative ones from the night before. Mariah grabs the iPod in surprise to see that someone has created a fan page for her.