Thursday, January 5th

At CL’s, Jack hands over a whopper of a check to Martha, a woman who runs a job training program. I don’t know how to thank you, gives him a weepy hug and runs out. When Ashley arrives, Jack changes the subject to business – Lauren’s reaching out to investors. No, not him – but when has that ever stopped Jack?

Gloria confronts Lauren on what she’s just seen on her laptop. No wonder you’ve been so irritable. How long has this been going on? Does Mike know???

Vikki’s irritated when Reed comes in dropping his stuff all over the place. Why did he ‘vanish’ on the first day or school – and ignore her attempts to reach him? Billy knew where I was, didn’t you Billy? (who saunters in to confirm he drove Reed home) Thanks for the ride dude, Reed leaves Billy to suggest Vikki give her son a break.

In the ICU waiting room, Lily’s frustrated with the situation and her Father; Devon should know the truth. Hilary’s in there pretending to be Florence Nightingale. And indeed she is (holding a drink straw to Devon’s mouth) Hilary will be by Devon’s side until she can take him home. What’s going on with you and Lily? Devon has somehow noticed that things are worse than usual.

What did Reed do wrong exactly? He didn’t reply to Vikki’s texts and shouldn’t have asked Billy to pick him up. Billy admires how Reed made it all the way to GC via bus; he’s a bit like me. Perhaps Vikki doesn’t want Billy close to her or Reed because they almost kissed. OK, next time Reed calls, Billy will pass him off to Vikki. Opening the door to get rid of Billy, Vikki’s left alone to sigh in exasperation.

Back at CL’s, Jack hands Ashley a report from a consulting firm – we’re in an upward trajectory for the next five years. Fenmores is a source of class and style. Because of Lauren, Ashley points out – and isn’t sure she’d be OK with being ‘kept on’ and working under Jabot’s ‘umbrella’. When it rains, an umbrella comes in handy, Jack replies.

I need to password this thing, Lauren mutters as she puts her laptop away. Gloria continues to badger and lambaste Lauren for not confiding in Mike. Bottom line – we’re in this together (Lauren realizes she’s trapped)

Calmed down by Neil, Lily leaves. In Devon’s room, Hilary insists that everything’s fine. Recovery will take a little while – don’t rush it. Devon has things to take care of; the show…. Hilary will take care of everything. We can learn from this – not to let anything come between us. Nothing will, Devon vows. Hilary agrees – I’ll make sure of it.

Waiting for, then getting on the elevator, Billy shares a chuckle with Ashley (who’s then updated of Reed’s surprise visit) Yes, Billy is happy to have Reed back. Vikki’s having a hard time with it and not eager for his help. When Billy accidentally gets off on Ashley’s floor, she insists he stay for coffee and more chit chat.

Vikki’s on the phone when Reed starts playing electric guitar – loudly.