Friday, January 6th

Ashley shows Ravi his new office – this is it. He thinks it ‘amazing’ (compared to past smelly cubicles) You’re amazing. I mean Jabot’s amazing. Ashley finds Ravi’s reaction refreshing – the last person who had this office didn’t like it (Phyllis)

At the club, Lauren updates Phyllis on Gloria snooping through her files and trying to get a job. Lauren turned Jack down and no way she’s letting Gloria get anywhere near Fenmores.

On the phone, Gloria reminds Jack that she makes things happen – we need to meet in person. How badly do you want Fenmores? I can help make it happen.

Nikki tip toes across the CL’s patio; Reed? Reed? Oh, for heaven’s sake. Yanking an earbud out of his ear, Nikki demands he give his grandmother a hug.

At Brash n Sassy, Vikki complains that Reed can’t talk to her for more than five minutes but can play his guitar for hours. Teens need limits, she sees no room for debate. Billy decides to keep his opinion to himself. Too late for that, Vikki wants him to spit it out.

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Reed declines food and informs Nikki that technically he didn’t run away – he just went from one parent to the other. Her mild scolding over, Nikki expresses how happy she is that he’s there – and so’s your Mother.

Reed’s fifteen years old – look at what I was doing at that age; what you were doing at that age. Vikki’d rather not. We grew up to be normal human beings, Billy thinks Reed needs love and support – he’ll channel his energy. Steer him towards good – let him know you’re on his side. Now for some jokes and Vikki’s realization that she must handle this on her own (which disappoints Billy)

Ben Hawkman of Hawkman Industries is coming from Chicago today, Lauren needs Phyllis to work on a projected plan. OK, but Phyllis will need files from her old office at Jabot.