Wednesday, January 4th

Hilary and Neil bump into one another at CL’s. She’s a wreck, so worried about Devon – what if he doesn’t wake up? Oh my God. All Hilary can do is go back to GCM and pray. Neil insists they put any animosity aside and go together; he’s my son.

In Devon’s room, the nurse is surprised Ben convinced Hilary to go home – she obviously loves her husband. Devon then opens his eyes. You can do this, Ben and the nurse bend over to encourage him.

Lauren brings Phyllis home to her place – both worry about Devon; Hilary must be a wreck. Gloria comes out to announce that a Mother always goes where she’s needed – and leaves with a ‘ta ta ladies’. ‘Hurricane Gloria’ was wearing my earrings, Lauren notes to Phyllis.

Nick arrives at the studio – he’s been trying to find a casual way to ask if he and Chelsea are OK – after …. We’ll always be OK, Chelsea doesn’t even need to discuss it. 2017 will be a better year for us. Nick gives her a hug ‘as friends’ (which Sharon arrives to see)

Lauren tells Phyllis that Jeff drained Gloria’s account so lucky us – she’s here. What Lauren needs is an investor – and asks Phyllis to look at potential investors (one of which is recognized as a groper) No, Lauren hasn’t told Mike that Fenmores is in trouble.

Ben tells Devon where he is – don’t try to speak. Take it easy – rest. We’re doing all we can to get you back on your feet. Devon nods. Hilary and Neil arrive for an update. No, Devon hasn’t said anything (Ben will let them know when they can see him) Looking in, Hilary flashes back to Devon rejecting her.

In the lounge, Neil calls Lily (who gripes about Hilary and leaves immediately to come see Devon)

At CL’s, Kevin and Chloe discuss Devon’s accident – which leads her to think about Delia being diagnosed with Leukemia (and how Kevin supported her) Devon will be OK, they hope. Gloria arrives to greet her handsome son – and ‘you’ (Chloe) Taking a seat, Gloria has no intention of leaving her sons again – and makes Chloe choke by saying she’s going to make Chelsea’s day (by going back to work) Gloria’s surprised to hear that Chelsea re-hired Chloe after she tried to kill her husband.

Back at the studio, Sharon updates Chelsea on business and tells Nick that she and Faith had a nice visit. When Sharon assumes they had a mellow New Year’s Eve too, Chelsea quickly excuses herself. Sharon then relays telling Faith that everything’s fine between her and Dylan – he’ll come home to everyone who loves him. Nick’s glad. Sharon watches with displeasure as Chelsea sees Nick off.