Friday, January 6th

At the office, Ashley’s horrified to hear that Gloria called and wants to help Jack acquire Fenmores. We need to hear what she has to say, he insists.

Nikki delivers another scolding to Vikki (she had to hear about Reed’s visit from Victor – but is surprised to hear that police brought Reed because he didn’t pay for his bus ticket. I don’t even know my own son – how did I let this happen? Vikki pouts.

Coming back with take out food, Ravi and Phyllis introduce themselves. You’re the person who didn’t lie this office. And you’re the genius behind JabotGlo. No, Phyllis isn’t back for her old office – she has bigger things on the horizon (and gets back to rummaging through boxes of files)

Jack’s just meeting Gloria at Underground because he’s curious. Glo knows it’s more than that – and Lauren needs a partner. Without an influx of cash, Fenmores is doomed. Gloria worries Lauren will crack under the pressure of trying to handle it alone. Better you than some stranger. What’s in it for you? Jack wonders (knowing she’s going behind Lauren’s back)

Coming home, Lauren congratulates Mike on getting a case dropped. Date night? Lauren can’t – she has problems. I don’t even know where to begin. I haven’t been honest with you.

Lauren confides in Mike – she downplayed Fenmore’s problems to him. Why carry this on your own? Lauren’s embarrassed. If she admitted it to Mike, she’d have to admit it to herself. I could lose everything.

Gloria has experience in fashion and cosmetics (which Jack thinks best forgotten – like a restaurant with the name ‘worm’ in it) Gloria wants a small role in the company. You’re doing an end run around your son’s wife, Jack clearly disapproves.

Ashley comes in to tells Phyllis that she can’t remove company files. After Ravi leaves with his fast food mess, she asks Phyllis what she’s really there for.

Phyllis came to pick up some personal files – no big deals. She loves her new job. Yes, Fenmore’s is looking for investors – yes, she turned Jack down. We’ve moved on. Ashley opens the door and tosses Phyllis’ purse on top of her box of files. She then yanks Phyllis’ name off the door and throws it in the trash.

Lauren loves my son. Sure Gloria came to Jack without Lauren’s blessing but it’s for her own good. She knows Jack’s the best choice in a worse case scenario. You want this – she needs this. Gloria will take care of everything. On her way out, Gloria purrs in Jack’s ear – she knows John Abbott’s son will do the right thing (and give her a job) Don’t pick our a corner office just yet, Jack says. Whatever you say boss, Glo sashays out.

Mike isn’t sure Lauren needs more coffee. He’s told that she’s meeting a potential investor tonight. She and Phyllis will handle this. No need to worry the staff. Mike thinks they’ve been here before – when he hid his cancer diagnosis. WE are supposed to be a team – don’t shut me out. I love you ~kiss~ Both have high hopes that Lauren’s heading off to meet the right investor.

At CL’s, Billy hands Phyllis his coffee and compliments her hair. Phyllis needed a change – it’s time to let go of things that weren’t working for her anymore.

Phyllis thanks Billy for the plate of carbs. Her future is a bit scary – heading into the unknown. Not eager to discuss how things are with Vikki, Billy will let Phyllis get back to it – good luck. Good luck to you too, Phyllis says after he’s walked off (as Lauren watches)