Monday, January 9th

As Kevin’s sending Chris a text regarding the undercover operation, Chloe appears at the station to fill out a missing persons report. Her sexy boyfriend has gone missing. She then opens her coat. Judging by Kevin’s reaction, that’s all she’s wearing.

At the club, Mr Hawkman’s excited to meet Lauren and hear her pitch (which Lauren then gives – she’s taking Fenmores into the future) Yes, she needs capital.

Mike’s home with Gloria (who thinks Lauren could use her brilliant business mind) Pissed off, Mike will NOT let his Mother use him to get something he guesses Lauren’s already said ‘no’ to.

When Nick arrives (with Christian) he guesses Noah wonders what kind of son keeps dragging his son to a bar.

I’ll be damned, Victor chuckles when Faith beats him at chess. Yes, he let her win – but one day she’ll win fair and square. You’ll learn. What if I’m not here long enough? Faith knows she can’t stay with her grandparents forever (per Noah) – but she worries her parents will just start fighting again.

Mike and Gloria go back and forth. Alright, maybe Gloria did ask Lauren for a job (and was turned down) Mike can make all the jokes he wants, but Glo’s worried about the Baldwin’s losing their lifestyle – like SHE did. Is Lauren meeting with an investor tonight? Possibly – but no, he doesn’t have a name.

A mildly nervous Kevin shoos off a uniformed cop, sends his text to Chris – then heads out with Chloe.

Nick has a lot of ‘should haves’. Christian should be home but he couldn’t find a sitter – what was he to do? Let Noah deal with the club alone? Noah’s been handling the club alone just fine. Nick didn’t even know that Christian was allergic to strawberries and Faith’s living with her grandparents. What can Nick do? Start by forgiving Mom, is Noah’s answer.

When Nikki joins Victor and Faith, she’s told that Faith just wants to make everyone happy. If she lives with her Mom, her Dad will be upset. Your Mom and Dad want you to be happy, Victor reassures. Hugging her grandpa, Faith’s just trying to figure out where she fits in.

Back at the club, Mr Hawkins puts a folder down – good strategy. Lauren does need cash but won’t bring in just anyone. Fenmores is HER company – but she’d welcome a healthy interest. Hawkins is impressed enough with Lauren’s reputation that he doesn’t need to meet her new point person. He’ll do his due diligence (but it’s just a formality) They toast to a profitable partnership.